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Экология. Экспериментальная генетика и физиология. Труды КарНЦ РАН. Выпуск 11
Петрозаводск, 2007. 151 с.

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Articles in proceedings:

L.V. Anikieva. Population aspect in the study of morphological variability of the cestode Proteocephalus Percae (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea) through the ontogeny3
A.G. Borisova, A.S. Goryunov. The correlation between oxygen affinity and autoxidation of haemoglobin and haemolytic stability of erythrocytes of different vertebrates species10
A.Je. Veselov, l.V. Alikov. M.A. Skorobogatov, A.V. Zubchenko, S.M. Kaliuzhin, Yu.A. Shustov, A.G. Potutkin. Artificial incubation of atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) eggs under natural conditions14
N.A. Elkina, E.F. Markovskaya. Palynological investigation of the air in the town in the taiga zone20
A.A. Zorina, A.V. Korosov. Characteristics of the fluctuating leaf asymmetry in two birch species in Karelia28
E.V. Ivanter. The analysis of population structure of polytypic mammal (on the example of bank vole – Clethrionomys Glareolus Shreb.)37
I.T. Kischenko, I.V. Vantenkova. Growth of picea abies l. (karst.) in some forest types of Middle Karelia65
A.V. Korosov, Yu. M. Matrosova, S. V. Bugmyrin, V. S. Anikanova, L.A. Bespyatova. The analysis of factors affecting territorial distribution of bank vole (Clethrionomys Glareolus) in mosaic landscapes of Southern Karelia70
A.V. Korosov, S.N. Fomichev. Territory localization of rana temporaria and R. arvalis spawning85
T.S. Nikolaevskaya, O.N. Lebedeva. Pollen fertility in mutant populations and plants with suppressed chlorophyll deficiency in Festuca Pratensis (Poaceae)93
A.G. Potutkin, А.Je. Veselov, A.V. Zubchenko, S.M. Kaliuzhin. Anadromous migration of Atlantic Salmon from the river Varzuga in the White Sea100
L.B. Uzenbaeva, A.G. Golubeva, V.A. Ilukha, N.N. Tyutyunnik, S.A. Korosov. Morphofunctional specificity of blood leucocytes in mammals bred in captivity under conditions of the European North109
A.R. Unzhakov, V.A. Ilukha, N.V. Matsuk, V.V. Belkin. The role of isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase in mammals adaptation in Karelia118
S.A. Frolova, Yu.V. Venzhik, A.F. Titov. Influence of cold hardening on the proteinase activity and contents of photosynthetic pigments in winter wheat seedlings127
E.S. Kholoptseva, S.N. Drozdov, E.G. Popov. Light and temperature characteristic of net-photosynthesis of some species and varieties of legumes131
E.G. Sherudilo, D.A. Krasnov, E.F. Markovskaya. Response of ornamental plants to daily temperature alterations during vegetation period136
Yu.A. Shustov, A.Je. Veselov. Feeding and growth of young salmon trout Salmo trutta L. morpha lacustris in the water bodies of Paanajarvi National Park142
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