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Скальные ландшафты Карельского побережья Белого моря: природные особенности, хозяйственное освоение, меры по сохранению
Ред. А.Н. Громцев.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2008. 212 с.
The monograph offers a comprehensive, multifaceted description and assessment of natural complexes of the White Sea rocky coast situated in the north-easternmost part of Karelia (between Gridina and Keret' river mouths). A comparison is drawn also with vast adjacent areas. Results of surveys of the territory by five institutes of the Russian Academy of Science Karelian Research Centre, and analysis оf the extensive amount of published and previously gathered data are reported.
The material is structured into several major sections. The book begins with a brief review and assessment of general physiographic characteristics of the territory (climate, geological, geomorphological, hydrological and soil conditions). Then come the description and assessment of terrestrial ecosysterns (wetlands, coastal meadows, forests and landscapes in general). The next section tells about plant (vascular plants, mosses, fungi) and animals (mammals, birds, insects) of the area, and species check-lists are supplied. Data on aquatic flora and fauna (algae, macrozoobenthos, molluscs) are provided separately. A special place in the monograph is allocated to materials from archaeological surveys. Also, the history of nature use in the region until today and specific local ethnographic characteristics are analysed.
In conclusion, expediency of designating the territory as a protected area (landscape reserve) is substantiated. The book includes photographs of various natural objects (shore fragments, types of forests and wetlands, individual plant and animal species, etc.).
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1.1. Climate (Gromtsev A.N)8
1.5. Soil cover (Bakhmet O.N)23
2.2. Forests (Gromtsev A.N., Litinski P.Y., Petrov N.V., Presnukhin Y.V., Tuyunen A.V)51
2.4. Specific and complex assessment of landscape features of the natural complexes (Gromtsev A.N., Litinski P.Y., Petrov N.V., Presnukhin Y.V., Tuyunen A.V)65
3.1. Vascular plants (Kravchenko A.V., Timofeeva V.V)69
3.3. Fungi (Predtechenskaya O.O , Ruokolainen A.V)99
3.4. Lichens (Fadeyeva M.A)105
3.6. Birds (Sazonov S.V)121
3.7. Insects (Humala A., Polevoi A)125
Историко-этнографические особенности поморского села Гридино: прошлое и настоящее (Логинов К.К)168
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