RuFiDiM 2014 presentations

Dimitry Ananichev, Vladimir Gusev Approximation of reset thresholds with greedy algorithms (609 Kb, : 123)

Eugene Barkovsky Some models of representation of two parallel FIFO-queues and their optimal control (348 Kb, : 184)

Julien Cassaigne (Institut de mathématiques de Marseille, Marseille, France) Decomposition of a language of factors into sets of bounded complexity (117 Kb, : 130)

Irina Cheplyukova Limit theorems for the number of multiple edges in the configuration graph (444 Kb, : 65)

Danila Cherkashin On property B of hypergraphs (251 Kb, : 111)

Andrew Drac Paged representation of stacks in single-level memory (365 Kb, : 1132)

Denis Dublennykh Desctiptive complexity of additive shift of regular language (74 Kb, : 121)

Vladimir Edemskiy About the linear complexity of sequences over the finite field of four elements (374 Kb, : 100)

Sebastien Ferenczi, Luca Q. Zamboni "Clustering words and interval exchanges" (53 Kb, : 132)

Elena Feklistova, Yuri Pavlov On the behaviour of an edge number in a power-law random graph near a critical point (188 Kb, : 177)

Anna Ivashko, Elena Konovalchikova Discrete time two-sided mate choice problem with age preferences (115 Kb, : 177)

Jarkko Kari (University of Turku, Finland) Piecewise affine functions, Sturmian sequences and aperiodic tilings (414 Kb, : 83)

Dmitri Karpov Onvertices of degree k in minimal k-connected graphs (326 Kb, : 105)

Elena Khvorostyanskaya On the number of trees of a giving size in a conditional Poisson Galton-Watson forest (294 Kb, : 75)

Andrei Kolchin On application of the probabilistic method to analysing the partitions of an integer (61 Kb, : 596)

Dmitry Korzun On relation of linear Diophantine equation systems with commutative grammars (114 Kb, : 144)

Ville Junnila, Tero Laihonen Minimum number of input clues in an associative memory (185 Kb, : 1318)

Marina Leri, Yuri Pavlov Forest fire models on configuration random graphs (1.83 Mb, : 80)

Marina Maslennikova Complexity of checking whether two automata are synchronized by the same language (1.18 Mb, : 94)

Marina Maslennikova, Emanuele Rodaro Principal (left) ideal languages, constants and synchronizing automata (955 Kb, : 211)

Takashi Matsuhisa Subgroup Nash equilibrium and communication for S5n-knowledge (5.5 Mb, : 66)

Vladimir Mazalov, Ludmila Truhina Generating functions and cooperation in communication networks (1.61 Mb, : 117)

Gleb Nenashev On Heawood-type problems for maps with tangencies (362 Kb, : 176)

Vesa Halava, Tero Harju, Reino Niskanen, Igor Potapov Undecidability for integer weighted Buchi automata and Robot Games with states (351 Kb, : 2138)

Alexei Pastor About vertices of degree 6 of C3-critical minimal 6-connected graph (271 Kb, : 195)

Ilya Ponomarenko Coset closure of a circulant S-ring and schurity problem (270 Kb, : 190)

Andrei Raigorodskii (Moscow State University, Russia) Combinatorial geometry and coding theory (839 Kb, : 106)

Anna Rettieva Asymmetry in discretetime bioresource management problem (1.41 Mb, : 55)

Joseph Romanovsky, Dmitry Eibozhenko Dynamic programming usage in Steiner problem in graphs (1.62 Mb, : 185)

Aleksi Saarela Equivalence relations defined by numbers of occurrences of factors (300 Kb, : 116)

Svetlana Selezneva On the multiplicative complexity of some boolean functions (306 Kb, : 136)

Mikhail Rubinchik, Arseny M. Shur On the number of distinct subpalindromes in words (783 Kb, : 132)

Dmitry Itsykson, Mikhail Slabodkin, Dmitry Sokolov Resolution complexity of perfect mathcing principles for sparse graphs (216 Kb, : 105)

Pavel Tarasov Several necessary conditions for uniformity of finite systems of many-valued logic (1.92 Mb, : 63)

Alexandr Valyuzhenich "On connection between permutation complexity and factor complexity of infinite words" (223 Kb, : 76)

Alexander Zvonkin (University of Bordeaux, France) "On polynomials of Birch-Chowla-Hall-Schinzel-Davenport-Stothers-Zannier-Beukers-Stewart and weighted plane trees" (283 Kb, : 70)

: 16 2016