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Hydrophysics. Hydrology3
T.Yu. Vyruchalkina, N.N. Filatov, N.A. Diansky, A.V. Gusev. On forecasting long-term variations of water level in large lakes3
N.I. Palshin, T.V. Efremova, R.E. Zdorovennov, G.E. Zdorovennova. Heat transfer in an ice-covered small lake17
Hydrochemistry and sediments33
A.V. Ryzhakov, M.V. Zobkova, P.A. Lozovik. Patterns in the concentration and distribution of phosphorus forms in water bodies of the humid zone33
G.Yu. Voroniuk, G.S. Borodulina, I.A. Krainyukova, I.V. Tokarev. Groundwater exchange in the Baltic shield marginal areas and adjacent artesian basins based on isotope and hydrochemistry data. scientific problems and practical applications. Karelian isthmus46
V. S. Valiev, D.V. Ivanov, I.I. Ziganshin, D. E. Shamaev, V. V. Malanin, A.A. Marasov. Metals forms distribution in lakes sediments of natural and urban areas of the republic of tatarstan57
A.V. Sabylina. Organic carbon, total phosphorus and total nitrogen inflow to lake Onego with stream runoff, and their removal by Svir river waters in 1965200868
Hydrobiology and ichthyology78
E.M. Zubova, N.A. Kashulin, P.M. Terentjev. Go to the method of growth rate bak-calculation of whitefish Coregonus lavaretus (L.) in reservoirs of Northern Fennoscandia78
Yu.S. Datsenko. Estimation of the critical value of a water bodys primary production for anoxic zone emergence90
Research methods95
Yu.A. Salo , L.E. Nazarova, A.F. Balagansky. Computations of evaporation from watersheds of North-Western Russia95
.., .., .. - 95
D.V. Kovalevsky. On the sensitivity of ecological economics models of lake water resource management to the welfare function parameters102
N.N. Filatov. The 33rd Congress of the International Society of Limnology (SIL) (Torino, July 31
August 5, 2016)
L.A. Belicheva, A.V. Tolstikov. The 5th International Young Scientists Conference "Water Resources: Research And Management" (WRRM) (Limnological School and Workshop) (Petrozavodsk, September 58, 2016)111
D.A. Subetto, L.A. Pestryakova. The 2nd International Conference and Young Scientists Meeting "Paleolimnology of Northern Eurasia" (Yakutsk, August 2227, 2016)114
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