April 22, 2022
Editions prepared by scientists from the Karelian Research Centre RAS were awarded diplomas of the contest Republic of Karelia Book of the Year 2021. Obonezhye Bylinas Retold for Children was appraised as the best book in the Republic, the guidebook to geology and mining history Geological Heritage of Karelia became the winner in the Light of Science category, and the album Alexander Kharitonov: watercolors, drawings, collages in the Book Art category.
April 21, 2022
The book Invasive Plants and Animals in Karelia has been presented at the Karelian Research Centre RAS. This is the first black book of local flora and fauna published in the republic. Its authors told the presentation guests about the alien species that are aggressively occupying the new territory and can affect human health, agriculture, and local ecosystems, and about the international project DIAS within which this new edition was produced.
April 18, 2022
Late complications after the new coronavirus infection are studied by the new laboratory at the KarRC RAS Biomedical Research Center (BMRC). On April 15th it was visited by the Republic of Karelia Health Care Minister Mikhail Okhlopkov.