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Результаты фундаментальных и прикладных исследований по разработке методик технологической оценки руд металлов и промышленных минералов на ранних стадиях геологоразведочных работ
Ред. В.В. Щипцов.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2006. 166 с.
Results of fundamental and applied studies on methods for technological evalution of metallic ores and industrial minerals at the early stages of geological prospecting. / Edited by Vladimir V. Shchiptsov. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2006. 166 p.

resultaty_rud_metal.pdf (10.26 Mb, total downloads: 1592)

Articles in proceedings:

Pirogov, B.I. Methodologicy of technological mineralogy and the nature of the technological properties of minerals7
Ozhogina, Е.G. and Rogozhin, А.А. Technological mineralogy in solving problems
in the integrated development of commercial minerals
Kotova, О.B. Industrial nanominerals and problems in technological mineralogy21
Shchiptsov, V.V. Technological mineralogy in evaluation of Karelian industrial minerals26
Galiulin, R.V. Crystallography of Mendeleyev's table33
Voitekhovsky, Y.L. Statistical analysis of mineral intergrowths in rocks and ores43
Voitekhovsky, Y.L. Balance of chemical elements in rocks and ores47
Petrova, N.V., Ozhogina, Е.G. and Rogozhin, А.А. Characteristics of the mineralogical and technological study of ores by chemical-metallurgical methods54
Dzhangirov, M.Y. and Bogilev, А.V. Prediction and prospecting of chalcopyrite deposits on the basis of the mineral-physical indices of pyrite61
Khashkovskaya, Т.N. and Lyapinov, D.V. The use of image analysis for modelling of the dressing indices of high grade copper-nckel ores62
Bubnova, Т.P., Skamnitskaya, L.S. and Shchiptsov, V.V. The study of the typomorphic characteristics of industrial minerals in technological evaluation of ores at the prospecting-and-evaluation stage70
Melentyev, G.B. Rational combination of methods for geological-prognostic and differentiated mineralogical and technological evalution of rare-metal regmatite fields with identification of ore types and estination of75
Kameneva, Е.Е. Characteristics of technical and mineralogical evalution of Apatite-bearing ores83
Luzin, V.P. Technological mineralogy of small-sized micas in the study of natural and artificial mineral deposits89
Trofimova, F.А., Lygina, Т.Z., Sabitov, А.А., Gubaidullina, А.М., Permyakov, Е.N., Shamsemukhametova, I.V. and Shinkarev, А.А. The effect of mechanical activation processes on changes in the colloid and rheological properties of bentonitic clays99
Shatnov, Y.А. and Turasheva, А.V. Methodological scheme of evaluation of the geological and economic significance of quartz prospects110
Bydtaeva, N.G., Kiseleva, R.А. and Mileyeva, I.М. Preliminary assessment of the quality of quartz to predict its technological indices112
Danilevskaya, L.А. and Rakov, L.Т. Structural impurities in quartz: an important criterion for assessment of the quality of quartz and prediction of its technological properties119
Ilyina, V.P. Evalution of the dielectrical properties of cakes from feldspar as a raw material for electrotechnical ceramics124
Lugovskaya, I.G. Potential of technological mineralogy in the study of sorptive-catalytic materials based on Karelian shungite rocks128
Tyaganova, V.I. and Zavertkin, А.S. Quantitative estimation of the thermal resistance of shungite rocks134
Povarennykh, M.Y. and Beskin, S.M. The use of modern technical and analytical facilities to reveal the primary lumpiness (frustumation or formation of an "elementary cell") of rocks138
Myasnikova, O.V. The effect of the typomorphic characteristics of major rock-forming minerals on the physico-mechanical properties of rocks145
Lebedeva, G.А. and Ozerova, G.P. Graphical method for evaluation of raw material for basaltic technologies149
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