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Водная среда: комплексный подход к изучению, охране и использованию
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2008. 155 с.
The volume was prepared with financial support from the Russian Academy of Science allocated to the Research & Education Centre "Aquatic objects of Karelia and methods for their study" of the Northern Water Problems Institute (NWPI), Karelian Research Centre of RAS within the programme "Support to young scientists". Owing to the R&E Centre's active and multifaceted activities, the academic institute, which main task is basic research, has the opportunity to disseminate scientific results obtained both from own studies, and from wide collaboration, including international cooperation.
The edition is the fifth one in a series of popular science books published by NWPI. It is a collection of papers structured into 2 sections. The first section present the results of studies carried out by researchers from scientific institutes dealing namely with problems such as arrival of new species of aquatic organisms in Lake Onego, maintaining the stability of border area waterbodies, Arctic studies. The second section is a gathering of papers by the 2006–2007 Baltic University students (under NWPI), Karelian State Pedagogical University students and school teachers. These materials were left unedited, with view to their potential multipurpose use, e.g. as a source of information, practical data or as separate lectures adapted to environmental awareness classes at various levels.
The materials will help university students, high school teachers and pupils, as well as officials and anyone interested in the environmental situation to raise their awareness and knowingly contribute to conservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources.

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Articles in proceedings:

T.I. Regerand, N.N. Filatov. Experience of waterbody restoration in EU countries9
V.V. Menshutkin, N.N. Filatov. Development of the "Lakes of Karelia" expert system18
T.N. Polyakova. "Biological pollution" of aquatic ecosystems26
A.V. Ryabinkin, P.A. Lozovik, T.P. Kulikova, A.V. Litvinenko, M.V. Kalmykov. Water quality and ecological status of the russian part of lake Pyhajarvi32
L.E. Nazarova. Meteorological devices and measurement methods40
Yu.A. Smirnov. Environmental problems of trout farming and ways to solve them43
Anna Abnizova. Expeditions in Northern Canada49
S.L. Berezovskaya. Solid precipitation and snow water equivalent observation in Alaska’s arctic53
I.M. Nesterenko. Olonets-land of difficulty and plenty57
L.A. Parkhomuk. International environmental education project "Naturewatch Baltic" (NWB) (on environmental education in Baltic Region countries)61
O.V. Dmitrieva, T B. Baskova, L.I. Fradkova. An efficient format of environmental education and awareness activity for schoolchildren (example of the Karelian ecological landscape camp "Tunturi")71
O.N. Desinova. Problems of chemical pollution of the Baltic sea84
M.V. Mikhailova. Centennial variations of streamflow in the north-east of the baltic sea catchment (case study of Lake Syamozero catchment)100
M.V. Yemelyanova. Study of trends in annual air temperature variations in the Baltic sea catchment103
S.A. Kapitonova. Kizhi: environmental problems108
E.V. Kuznetsova. Natural necklace of the Baltic113
A.V. Lanyova. River Lososinka as a model aquatic object for multidisciplinary study by schoolchildren127
A.V. Potakhina. Local hydrographic terms in balto-fennic toponymy of Karelia138
V.P. Busarova, S.P. Hanolainen. Problems of biological risk140
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