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Aquatic environment: Education for sustainable development. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 2010. 182 p.
This volume is the sixth in the series of popular science books published by the Nortern Water Problems (NWPI) of Karelian Research Centre in the frame of the Scientific-Educational Centre Waters of Karelia and Methods for Their Research activity. It is arranged as a collection of materials made up of three sections. Learning is based on knowledge, namely on the information derived from scientific research and data analysis. Therefore, section one tells about the results of the studies carried out by NWPI researchers.
The second section presents the proceedings of the international seminar "Baltic University Programme Teacher Training in Education for Sustainable Development for Russian-speaking university teachers" in the Russian and English languages. One of the main aims of the event has been to encourage school teachers, university professors and other educationalists to seek for up-to-date information on sustainable development and nature protection, also from international sources available in the English language only.
Section three is the proceedings of the 1st Regional Seminar Connecting Education and Science in Training presented in the form of articles and abstracts produced by young scientists students of the Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, St. Petersburg State University.
The example of the international co-operation of students prepared on the Baltic University Program is presented at the end of the publication.
It is our hope the book will be of use to university students, school teachers and pupils, as well as to decision-makers, and all people interested in the environment, helping them get actively involved in education for sustainable development and consciously begin to act for the environment, including conservation and sustainable use of water resources.

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Articles in proceedings:

N.N. Filatov, V.V. Menshutkin. Sustainable development issues, role of science and education example of the study of lakes limnology9
Carl Lindberg. Education for sustainable development a necessity for shaping the future16
T.V. Efremova, G.E. Zdorovennova, N.I. Palshin. Karelian lakes ice regime31
L.E. Nazarova, A.S. Makarova. Influence of a large reservoir on a climate of adjoining territories41
N.M. Kalinkina. The application of test-object Ceriodaphnia Affinis Lillijeborg in the biotesting of mining mill technogeneous waters48
L.E. Nazarova. Global and regional climate change55
Yu. A. Salo. Modern energy production structure in the context of global warming64
Jan Otto Andersson. The global ethical trilemma72
Jan Otto Andersson. Basic income from an ecological perspective77
L. Babak. Methods of teaching from the modern pedagogical perspective82
A.V. Tolstikov, M.S. Potakhin, M.S. Bogdanova. Computer visualization of teaching material in education of pupils and students99
G.G. Gavrilenko, G.E. Zdorovennova, R.E. Zdorovennov. Hydrodynamical processes and thermal structure of shallow lake in the winter107
Yu.S. Razuvaeva, M.S. Potakhin. Changes in karelian hydrographic network as a result of the creation of reservoirs112
E.V. Anisimova, G.S. Borodulina. Physico-chemical modeling of water-rock interaction117
N.E. Kulakova. Dilution of wastewaters from the karelian pellet ore dressing mill in the Kenti lake-river system123
A.A. Ajdinjan, A.V. Ryzhakov. Activity of nitrification in water of the Petrozavodsk bay of Onega lake126
J.O. Chekova, S.V. Shevel, I.Yu. Potapova. Chemical composition of atmospheric precipitation the urban areas as an example of Petrozavodsk130
N.E. Kulakova, A.V. Lebedeva, P.A. Lozovik. Spectrophotometric determination of sulfates in the atmospheric precipitation133
I.P. Sochneva. The assessment of river suna state using macrophyte parameters137
I.S. Erokhina. Estimation of fluctuating asymmetry as the method for indication of natural environment condition140
L.A. Belicheva, Yu.N. Sharova. Fish organism response to chronic water pollution (the pechora river)143
I.Yu. Mishkin, S.A. Kapitonova. Anthropogenic influence on geocomplexes of Petrozavodsk148
N.A. Myasnikova, S.B. Potakhin. Traditional nature management of russian populations of Vugozerje region: in region not fearful birds150
A.V. Kolokolov, T.A. Babakova. Literary-geographical image-composition of the Suna river154
O.V. Panushkina, N.A. Belkina. Oil hydrocarbons in reservoirs of White sea Baltic canal157
M.M. Parkhomuk, M.Yu. Krupnova, N.N. Nemova. Mutual influence of organisms in fouling communities, on level of activity of lysosomal proteinases Mytilus Edulis L158
E.P. Antonova, V.A. Ilyukha. Antioxidant enzymes and an isofermental spectrum of lactate dehydrogenase in bodies insectivorous and rodents160
A.I. Sidorova, V.M. Kalinkina. Assessment of zooplankton and zoobenthos in the estuaries of the northern Dvina river161
J. Antolak, S. Niskanen. Biological water quality163
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