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Геология и полезные ископаемые Карелии. Вып. 13
Отв. ред. А.И. Голубев, О.И. Володичев.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2010. 175 с.
Geology and useful minerals of Karelia. Issue 13. А.I. Golubev, O.I. Volodichev, 2010. 175 p.

GEOLOGY_13.pdf (42.51 Mb, total downloads: 105)

Articles in proceedings:

S.A. Svetov, А.I. Svetova, Т.N. Nazarova. Vedlozero-Segozero greenstone belt, Central Karelia: new geochronological data and interpretation of results5
A.M. Ruchyev. The formation of kyanite gneisses: a tectonophysical aspect (Belomorian complex of Baltic Shield rocks)13
N.Е. Korol. Porphyraceous intrusive charnockitoids and their metamorphic alterations (Lake Notozero, North Karelia)28
О.I. Volodichev, Т.I. Kuzenko. Disintegration structures in pyroxenes of eclogitized gabbroids as indicators of the evolution of igneous and metamorphic processes (Gridino, North Karelia)56
О.S. Sibilev. Decompression symplectites in apoeclogites from the Gridino mélange zone, Belomorian mobile belt66
А.I. Golubev, А.Е. Romashkin, D.V. Rychanchik. Relation of carbon accumulation to Palaeoproterozoic basic volcanism in Karelia (Jatulian-Ludicovian transition)73
N.S. Biske. Mineral composition and structural and textural characteristics of carbon-rich rocks from the Shunga deposit80
N.N. Trofimov, А.I. Golubev. Formation pattern and nickel potential of the Onega intracratonic depression88
N.N. Trofimov. Ternavolok sill: conditions of formation and petrochemical characteristics107
L.V. Kuleshevich, О.B. Lavrov. Voitsky mine – an Au-Cu-S-quartz deposit in the Palaeoproterozoic North Vygozero structure of Karelia116
L.V. Kuleshevich, N.Yu. Larkina, I.S. Inina. Iron minerals in the collection of the Museum of Precambrian Geology: Karelian limonite and hematite ores131
О.V. Myasnikova, V.А. Shekov, F.F. Gorbatsevich, О.М. Trishina, М.V. Kovalevsky. Variations in the physical and mechanical properties of Karelian granitoids of various genetic types140
P.V. Medvedev, V.V. Makarikhin. Stromatolitic builups in the column of the Tulomozero suite intersected by reference boreholes in the Onega synclinorium144
О.V. Lazareva, V.V. Kolka. Palaeoenvironmental conditions of formation of the palynspectra of the Pribelomorian Lowland in connection with variations in the White Sea level149
N.V. Krutskikh, N.B. Lavrova. Heavy metal contamination of soils in Petrozavodsk and some aspects of palynoindication153
B.N. Klabukov. Detailed geophysical fields of the Onega structure158
А.S. Zavertkin, V.I. Tyaganova. Development of refractory coating for thermal accumulators and industrial furnaces161
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