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, 50- . , 2426 2011 . : , 2011. 220 .
Geology of Karelia from the Archaean to the present. Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference convened to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS. Petrozavodsk, 2426 May, 2011. Petrozavodsk: Institute of Geology, KarRC, RAS, 2011. 220 p.
This volume comprises the Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference Geology of Karelia from the Archaean to the present. The publications reflect the leading directions of the research conducted by the Institute of Geology, KarRC, RAS, in the past fifty years. The background of Precambrian stratigraphic studies and the industrial study of genetically different rocks is described. The roots of individual scientific problems are discussed and perspectives are outlined. The latest geochemical and geochronological data on different-aged Precambrian rock complexes are reported, and geodynamic models, showing the formation of the Earth's crust in the eastern Fennoscandian Shield, are presented. Some of the papers deal with appraisal of the Republic of Karelia's mineral resources and seismological and geoecological monitoring.
The volume of papers would be of interest for Precambrian geologists.

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Articles in proceedings:

Slabunov A.I., Holtta P., Sharov N.V., Nesterova N.S. A 4-D framework of the Fennoscandian shield earth crust growth in archean: synthesis of off the shelf geological data13
Svetov S.., Svetova A.I. Archaean subduction: marker rock assemblages and architecture22
Vrevsky A.B. Archaean greenstone belts: geological and isotopic facts and geodynamic speculations33
Kozhevnikov V.N. Hadean-archaean detrital zircons tools for understanding of the ancient geological history of Fennoscandian shield37
Volodichev .I., Korol N.., Kuzenko .I., Sibelev .S. Metamorphism of early precambrian complexes in the eastern Fennoscandian shield49
Bogdanov Y.B., Robonen V.I. Results of the activities of the regional stratigraphic commission for Northwest Russia56
Medvedev P.V., Makarikhin V.V., Rychanchik D.V. Paleoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Eastern Fennoscandian shield: state of art, problems and prospectives66
Makarikhin V.V. Paleontological study of palaeoproterozoic rocks in Karelia71
Stepanova .V., Stepanov V.S., Slabunov .I. Achievements and problems in the study of basic magmatism in the Belomorian province of the Fennscandian shield79
Kulikov V.S., Bychkova Ya., Kulikova V.V. The vetreny poyas: early proterozoic tectonic and petrologic type of Southeastern Fennoscandia91
Sviridenko L.P. Precambrian granites and granites emplacement104
Zemtsov V.A. Rotation structures in the earths geological history112
Golubev .I., Shchiptsov V.V., Mikhailov V.P., Glushanin L.V. Republic of Karelias mineral resources123
Golubev .I., Ivashchenko V.I. Karelian noble-metal province: 21st century mineral raw materials potential of Northwest Russia135
Kuleshevich L.V., Lavrov .B. New data on the mineralogy of Karelias gold units149
Shchiptsov V.V., Bubnova T.P., Garanzha A.V., Danilevskaya L.A., Skamnitskaya L.S., Khazov R.A., Ilyina V.P., Lebedeva G.A., Frolov P.B., Shchiptsova N.I. Assessment of Karelias industrial mineral potential: step by step161
Kalinin Yu. K., Kovalevski V.V. Shungite rocks 50 years of scientific and technological research at theinstitute of Geology172
Rozhkova N.N. Role of nonplanar graphenes in the formation of shungite carbon nanoclusters180
Gorkovets V.Ya., Maksimovish L.A., Raevskaya M.B. Kostomuksha the largest complex ore province of the Republic of Karelia188
Sharov N.V. Seismic monitoring of the Karelian region199
Shelehkova T.S., Lavrova N.B. Karelias lake sediments: palaeoecological and palaeoklimatic reconstructions204
Rybakov D.S., Krutskikh N.V., Lazareva .V., Slukovsky Z.I., Krichevtsova M.V. Assessment of the condition of natural-man-induced geosystems in Petrozavodsk and adjacent areas213
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