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The Role of Tourism in Modernization of the Economy in Russian Regions. The Collection of scientific articles based on the materials of the Scientific-Practical Conference on June, 8-10, 2010. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre, 2010. 352 p.
In connection with the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia, the Government of the Republic of Karelia and of the Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Centre have initiated the scientific-practical conference dedicated to development of the tourism sector in Russia. The main theme of the conference is urged by the actual goals of the economic development in Russia related to the modernization of the economy in Russian regions.
The collection of papers highlights various aspects of theoretical and practical research in the field of tourism development in Russia at the national and regional levels, implementation of the innovative technologies and building a system for strategic planning in the management of destinations.

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Articles in proceedings:

Shishkin A.I., Shishkin A.A. Tourism in the Karelian Development Strategy 202018
Aleksandrova A.U. The Cluster Principles in Organization of the Tourists Space (the world experience)27
Alieva G.V. The Sectoral Documents for the Territorial Planning on the Example of the General Scheme of the Accommodation Facilities and The Tourism Infrastructure in the Republic of Karelia (The general Scheme o32
Barzykin Y.A. The Actual Matters in Development of the Tourist Industry in Russia38
Brainin M.B., Gromov V.V., Kotkin E.E. Forming the competitive tourism complex in the Republic of Karelia41
Vasilieva A.V. The Subsidiary Account of Tourism as a Tool of Forming the Territorial Information Base on Tourism47
Vlasova T.I. Public-private partnerships - once the main dynamic development tourism and hospitality49
Gaynanov D.A., Kirillova S.A. The Regional Tourism Development in the Format of Supercluster52
Govorov B.V. The Development of the Tourism Industry in the Crisis57
Grishechkina I.E. The Territorial Planning as an Instrument for Development of the Tourism Sphere in Regions61
Guseva M.V. A Role of the Aviation Transport in Development of the Tourists Business in Regions of Russia69
Zorin I.V. The Tourist Destination71
Karpova G.A., Maksarova E.M. The Mechanism of Realization of the Sustainable Development Principles for the Tourism Through the Public-Private Partnership76
Kleiman A.A., Babahchikova .. About Certain Problems and Factors of Development of the Regional Tourism in Russia in the Financial-Economical Crisis81
Larichkin F.D., Haritonova G.N., Alieva T.E. The Problems and Perspectives in Development of Tourism in the Murmansk Oblast86
Levochkina N.A. The Regional Tourist Brand Names of Russia as an Instrument of Glocalization of the Socio-Economic Processes91
Mantere E.V. Use of the Principles of the Public-private Partnership for Development of the Tourist Sphere in a Region92
Nemkovich E.G. The Multiplier of Tourism97
Opolchenov I.I. The Concept of the Russian Regions Tourism Development100
Plehanov Y.N. The Cluster Approach to Development of the Tourism Sphere in the Vologodskaya Oblast103
Polin A.K. Applying the GIS and Internet Technologies to the Tourism Industry in the Republic of Karelia106
Rozanova L.I. Forming the Tourism Local Clusters for Increase of Competitive Advantages of Destinations110
Stepanova S.V. The Regional Features in Development of Tourism (the Republic of Karelia)113
Surova S.A. The Modern Models of Management for the Multifunctional Tourist-Hotel Complexes118
Sukharev M.V. The Collaborative Planning of Tourism in a Region122
Havronyuk S.V. The Tendencies in Development of the Accommodation Facilities as One of the Segments of the Tourism Industry125
Hinteregger K. The Branding of the Tourist Directions128
Hinteregger K. The Tourism Development: the Necessary Steps to Success129
Fedorova M.Y. Investigation of the Price of the Tourist Product in the Karelian Republic. The Problems and Ways to Resolve131
Philatov N.N. The Russian Geographic Society and Development of Tourism in a Region137
Chubieva I.V, Kozyrev V.V. The Informational Promotion of the Tourist-Recreational Resources of the Republic of Karelia139
Shmuylo T.P. Development of Tourism as One of the Directions of the Conception Revival of Karelia for the Period until the 2012th Year142
Yurinov M.N. Forming of the System of the National Regulation of Tourism in a Region on the Example of the Karelian Republic (on the materials of the report)144
Yrieva A.A. The Information-Communicative Space of the Tourist Business146
Yamaev R.B. The Tourism as a Factor of Development of Russian Regions151
Guchek A.C. The Sustainable Development Model for the Rural Tourism (on the Example of the Belomorsk Area)154
Druzhinin P.V., Kurilo A.E., Molchanova E.V., Shkiperova G.T. The Tourist-Recreational Potential and the Tourism Development in the Muezersky Municipal District156
Dubinicheva L.V. The Distinctive Features of Forming of the Tourist Destinations Based on the Inter-municipal Cooperation of Territories (on the materials of the Vologda Oblast)162
Egorov V.E. The Legal Base for Creation of Conditions for Development of Tourism at the Municipal Level166
Kozyreva G.B., Morozova T.V. The Problems in Development of the Tourist Destinations at the Municipal Level170
Kulakova L.M. Modern features of entrepreneurship development in rural tourism in the northern border areas174
Orlova V.S. The Tourist Destination as an Effective Form of Realization of an Inter-municipal Investment Project178
Potashev P.A. The Complex Approach and Cooperation in Organization of the Rural Tourism (On the Example of the Pyalma Village)183
Royzenman F.M. Organization of the All-The-Year-Round Active Tourism in the Northern Ladoga184
Sachuk T.V. Forming of Brands at a Territory as an Element of the Image Policy for Rural Settlements187
Chubieva I.V. The Program-Oriented Approach in Development of the Tourist Sphere in Municipalities of the Republic of Karelia (on the Example of the Pryazhinsky National Municipal Area)190
Gordin V. E., Matetzkaya M.V. The Cultural Clusters as Generators of Innovations in the Tourism Development in the Destination195
Gribushin A.I. Realization of the Business Project The Mountain Park Ruskeala199
Dybin B.A. The Cultural-Historical Heritage of the Republic of Karelia (the materials of presentation)203
Egorov V.K. The Cultural-Historical Aspects of the Social Function of Tourism205
Kodolova T.A. The Methodological Approaches to Development of the Management Plan for the World Heritage Object the Kizhi Pogost as the Historical-Cultural Destination Kizhi208
Kodolova T.A., Mantere E.V. The Investment Processes Management in the Sphere of Cultural Tourism212
Kochkurkina S.I. The Archaeological Museum and Its Role in the Popularization of the Scientific Tourism218
Kyleshevich L.V., Pydovkin V.G., Larkina N.U. Simply About Geology (the Precambrian Geology Museum219
Lobanova N.V. The Petroglyphs of Karelia as a Resource of the Cultural Tourism at the North-West Russia222
Lugovoy D.D. The Role of the Cultural Heritage Sites in the Economy of Russian Regions. The Problems of Functioning (on the Example of the Open-Air KIZHI Museum)225
Muzychuk V.Y. A Role of the Cultural Tourism in Modernization of the Russian Economy231
Savvateyev U.A. About Creation of the Petrozavodsk History Museum. Pro and Con!236
Stepanov I.Y. The Problematic of the Tourism Development and Pilgrimage on the Protected Natural Areas. Experience and Opportunities for Neutralization of the Negative Anthropogenic Factor241
Titova O.Y. The Experience of Realization of the Museums Projects Directed to Development of a Territory (on the Example of the Historical Buildings Quarter in Petrozavodsk)246
Belaya R.V., Dyakonova M.V. The Modern Problems and Features of Development of the Health Resort Sphere in the Republic of Karelia252
orozova T.V., Murina S.G. The Influence of the Tourist-Recreational Mobility upon on the Quality of Life257
Razumov A.N. The Development Methodology and Organization of the Regenerative Medicine System for the Health Resort261
Tsapieva O.K. The Modern Statement, Problems, Tools of Effective Management and the Model of Sustainable Development of Health Resorts Towns Complex of the Caucasian Mineral Waters263
Alhojarvi P., Alhojarvi T., Demidova N. Integrated approach for certifying forests, non-wood forest products and forest based tourism, some examples from finland and the Russian Federation269
Antipin V.K. Bogs of Karelia as the Sites of the Ecological Tourism271
Kolbovsky E.Y., Morozova V.V. The Tourism and Recreation as an Image of the Territorial Planning: the Lost Opportunities273
Kuleshevich L.V., Lavrov O.B. The Rock and Ore Mines of Karelia (the Historical-Geological Tourism)278
Kuksova M.A. The Complex Estimation of the Tourist-Recreational Potential of the Protected Natural Area Manych-Gudilo281
Pervunina A.V., Makarihin V.V. The Geo-Park Girvas the Most Important Link in the Structure of the Eco-Tourism286
Omelai R.V. Problems in Creation of the Hibiny Tourist-Recreational Area289
Sevastjanov D.V. The Protected Natural Areas of the North-West of Russia as a Basis for the Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Regions (on the Example of the Karelian Republic, the Archangelsk and the Vologodsk291
Timofeeva V.V., Kutenkov S.A. Assessment of the Condition of the Forest Ecosystems in the Paanajarvi National Park Exposed to Heavy Recreational Pressure294
Kharitonova G.N. The Problems in Regulation of the Tourist-Recreational Activity on the Forest Lands and the Protected Natural Areas296
Andrianova I.A. The Problems in Teaching of Students at Institutes of Higher Education of the Tourist Profile (the Sphere of Hospitality)300
Bajburova O.R. Modernization of the Professional Training System with Orientation to Requirements of Modern Development of Tourism302
Emelianov A.M. The Problem in Teaching of Interpreters for Work in the Tourism Sphere: the Experience of the Kamchatka Krai303
Dusenko S.V. The Innovations in Teaching and the Advance Training for Spheres of Tourism and Hospitality306
Konev I.P. The Educational Modules on Forming of the Innovation Thinking of Specialists in the Sphere of Tourism and Hospitality310
Krylov S.Y. Innovative aspects of social partnership in tourism education312
Kryukova V.A., Vinogradova Y.S. The Business Game as the Modern Way to Activation of Training of Students at the Institute of Higher Education of the Tourist Profile316
Laiko M.Y., Ilyina E.L., Latkin A.N., Valedinskaya E.N. New Approaches to Training of Specialists for the Industry of Hospitality and Tourism in the Situation of Integration of Russia into the European Educational Space319
Pavlov O.G. A Role of Scientific-Research Work in Raise of Quality of Students Training in an Institute of Higher Education321
Pavlova E.N., Pavlov O.G. The Innovation Approach to the Professional Training of Specialists for the Industry of Tourism in the Situation of the Tourist Destinations325
Pogodina O.N. The Effect of the Training System in the Hotel Industry on the Efficiency of Activity of Hotels328
Potasheva O.V. Problems and Possibilities for Formation of the Tourist Personnel Potential331
Prusakov V.B. The Technique of Teaching the Theme The Internet Technologies in Tourism and the Hotel Business334
Stepanova G.I. Opportunities of the Childrens Tourism in Training for the Tourism Industry336
Strelnikov A.V. The Problems in Training of the Tourism Industry Personnel337
Kholopova L.E. Using the Internet Testing in the Process of Self-Examination and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutes341
Huuskonen N.M. The Tour Guiding as an Element of Training of Managers on Tourism344
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