E.N. Konovalchikova, V.V. Mazalov.
A Game-Theoretic Model of TV Show "The Voice"
// Automation and Remote Control, Volume 77, Issue 8. 2016. Pp. 1468-1479
This paper proposes a game-theoretic model of the two-player best-choice problem with incomplete information. The players (experts) choose between objects by observing their quality in the form of two components forming a sequence of random variables (x i , y i ), i = 1,..., n. By assumption, the first quality component x i is known to the players and the second one y i is hidden. A player accepts or declines an object based on the first quality component only. A player with the maximal sum of the components becomes the winner in the game. The optimal strategies are derived in the cases of independent and correlated quality components.
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