V.V. Mazalov, A.N. Rettieva, K.E. Avrachenkov.
Linear-quadratic discrete-time dynamic potential games
// Automation and Remote Control. Vol. 78. Iss. 8. 2017. Pp. 1537-1544
Discrete-time game-theoretic models of resource exploitation are treated as dynamic potential games. The players (countries or firms) exploit a common stock on the infinite time horizon. The main aim of the paper is to obtain a potential for the linear-quadratic games of this type. The class of games where a potential can be constructed as a quadratic form is identified. As an example, the dynamic game of bioresource management is considered and the potentials are constructed in the case of symmetric and asymmetric players.

Original Russian Text © V.V. Mazalov, A.N. Rettieva, K.E. Avrachenkov, 2017, published in Matematicheskaya Teoriya Igr i Ee Prilozheniya, 2017, No. 1, pp. 95–107.
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