Chernov, I.; Tolstikov, A.; Baklagin, V.; Iakovlev, N.
Winter Ice Dynamics in a Semi-Closed Ice-Covered Sea: Numerical Simulations and Satellite Data
// Fluids, 7(10). 2022. P. 324
Ключевые слова: numerical simulation; sea ice; winter regime; satellite data; currents
The White Sea is a small shallow sea covered by ice in winter. There are very few numerical models of this sea. For the ice-free sea, much data has been collected, but for winter only a small amount (satellite data only). We use our finite-element numerical model Jasmine and satellite data to trace the ice advection and exchange between parts of the White Sea. The aim of the investigation is to adjust the model to adequately reproduce the White Sea ice dynamics. By comparing satellite data on sea-ice concentration with the model prediction, we show that the model describes sea-ice dynamics well, and use it to estimate ice flow from bays to the middle part of the sea and ice exchange through the narrow strait. Ice exchange between neighbouring parts of the sea is shown to be intensive, with large dispersion compared to the time-mean, and bays are shown to be ice producers, while the Gorlo straight is shown to accept ice. We demonstrate that the model is a tool that can be used to better understand the winter regime of the sea.
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