Rauber A.
IT Research Challenges in Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation (DP) has evolved into a specialized, interdisciplinary research discipline of its own, seeing significant increases in terms of research capacity, results, but also challenges. With this specialization, however, core IT know-how that is needed to tackle the significant problems that we are facing in DP is not sufficiently present within the DP research community. This paper outlines some research challenges in DP, highlighting the need for the DP community to reach out to IT research in general to jointly develop solutions. It also shows some examples of integrating other computer science disciplines such as Information Retrieval / Machine Learning, or Software Engineering, to address DP challenges, concluding with a brief overview of activities at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology in this domain.

IT Research Challenges in Digital Preservation (131 Kb, скачиваний: 197)

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