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Сохранение деревянного наследия

Wood has been the main building material in the North Europe for a long time. Service life of wooden structures - buildings, architectural monuments - is closely connected with wood quality and strength properties.

Forest Research Institute studies the wood of a unique architectural monument - the Church of the Transfiguration (1714, Kizhi island, Karelia), which was included in the UNESCO list of the most significant monuments constituting the World Cultural Heritage in 1990.

The main research trends:

  • wood quality monitoring and promoting new original methods for the estimation of wood quality for the constructions with a complicated structure;

  • searching ecologically save approaches for the conservation of old wood;

  • conservation of wood damaged by fungi and insects by means of boarding, polymeric treatment
  • Сохранение деревянного наследия

    Contact us:

    Valerie Kozlov, Phd
    Vitali Krutov, D.Sc
    Margarita Kisternaia

    Photo exhibition "Kizhi island in march"

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