III Regional school-conference of young scientists "Water environment and spatial natural complexes: study, use and protection"
emblem of a centerAugust 26-28, 2011
Petrozavodsk Republic of Karelia, Russia

Northern Water Problems Institute Karelian Research Center Russian Academy of Sciences,
Karelian State Pedagogical Academy,
Karelian Department of Russian Geographical Society


1. Seas and Oceans
2. Rivers and Lakes
3. Climate
4. Landscapes
5. Development and Education

Subjects: hydrology, hydrochemictry, hydrogeoecology, geoecology, hydrobiology, ecology, climatology and meteorology, landscape investigations and themes connected with them.

Applications have to be send up to
30 November 2010 by e-mail:

Abstracts (1 page of A4 format) and articles (10 pages of A4 format with pictures and tables) have to be send up to 30 January 2011 by e-mail:

  • Proceedings of the 4th School-Conference

  • The scientific excursions will be organized in the frame of the conference, the information about these events will be presented in the INFO-2.

    Petrozavodsk map (conference 2011)

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