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  • Karelian Research Centre RAS
    Karelian Research Centre RAS

    Historical background

    1930 - The Complex Karelian Research Institute was founded
    1937 - It was reorganized into Karelian Scientific Research Institute of Culture
    1946 у. - Karelian-Finnish Research Base of the USSR Academy of Sciences with its scientitic and general subdivisions was established
    1949 у. - The Base was renamed into Karelian-Finnish Branch of the USSR AS
    1956 у. - It was renamed into Karelian Branch of the USSR AS
    1963 у. - Karelian Branch was closed, the divisions became part of ministries and departments
    1967 у. - Karelian Branch of the USSR AS was reopened as a unity of 6 Research Institutions
    1990 у. - Karelian Branch was given a name of the Karelian Research Centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences
    1991 у. - It became Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    KarRC RAS Administration

    President of the KarRC RAS:
    A.F. Titov, RAS Corr. Academician, Dr.(DSc) of Biology, ph. +7 (8142) 76-97-10, 76-60-40,

    Vice-President for Science:
    A.M. Kryshen', Doctor (DSc) of Biology, ph. +7 (8142) 76-81-60,

    Vice-President for Science:
    O.N.Bahmet, Doctor (DSc) of Biology, ph. +7 (8142) 78-00-59, ,

    Vice-President for General Issues:
    A.A. Fedorov, ph. +7 (8142) 78-34-83,

    Deputy President for Foreign Contacts:
    N.V. Mikhailova, Cand.(PhD) of Biology, ph. +7 (8142) 78-01-09, .

    Directors of research institutions

    Institute of Biology of KarRC RAS:
    Ilyukha, Viktor A., Dr. of Biology, Assistant Professor, ph. +7(8142)78-36-15,

    Northern Water Problems Institute of KarRC RAS:
    Subetto, Dmitriy A., Dr. of Geography, ph. +7(8142) 57-84-64

    Institute of Geology of KarRC RAS:
    Svetov, Sergey A., Dr. of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor,

    Forest Research Institute of KarRC RAS:
    Kryshen, Alexander M., Dr. of Biology, Senior Researcher, ph. +7 (8142) 76-81-60,

    Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of KarRC RAS:
    Mazalov, Vladimir V., Dr. (DSc) of Phys. and Math., Professor, ph. +7 (8142) 78-11-08,

    Institute of Economics of KarRC RAS:
    Morozova, Tatyana, Dr. of Economics, ph. +7 (8142) 57-20-90

    Institute of Language, Literature and History of KarRC RAS:

    KarRC RAS Address

    11 Pushkinskaya Street
    185910, Russia
    phone +7 8142 76-60-40, +7 8142 77-97-10
    Fax - +7 8142 76-96-00

    Last modified: March 20, 2017