7th Russian scientific conference with international involvement "Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Forest Soil Science"
The conference is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Forest Research Institute of the Karelian Research Centre RAS

Petrozavodsk, September 1317, 2017

  • Organizations
  • Main thematic areas
  • The scientific agenda
  • Key dates and deadlines
  • Conference fee
  • Registration for the conference
  • Materials for publication
  • First information circular
  • Organizing Committee address

  • Organizations
    Forest Research Institute of the Karelian Research Centre RAS
    RAS Department of Biological Sciences
    Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations
    Dokuchaev Soil Science Society
    RAS Scientific Council on Forest

    Main thematic areas:
  • Genesis and classification of forest soils;
  • Dynamics and productivity of forest soils;
  • Functional role of soils in matter cycling and stability of forest ecosystems;
  • Forest soil biota;
  • Human disturbance of forest soils;
  • Monitoring and protection of forest soils. Red Data Book of soils;
  • Forest soils in the matters of forestry practices.

  • Conference languages: Russian, English
    The scientific agenda includes plenary lectures (20 min), oral (15 min) and poster presentations.
    Full info on the conference programme will be provided in the second circular.

    Key dates and deadlines
    February 6, 2017 1st circular dispatch.
    April 1, 2017 end of preliminary registration.
    April 10, 2017 2nd circular dispatch
    May 1, 2017 abstract submission deadline.
    August 1, 2017 3rd circular and preliminary programme dispatch.

    Conference fee
    Conference fee info will be provided in the second circular.

    Registration for the conference
    To apply for participation please e-mail your application form (template enclosed) at before April 1, 2017.

    Materials for publication
    Abstracts of presentations in required format (see below) are to be submitted to the Organizing Committee in electronic form before May 1, 2017 at . The abstracts will be published prior to the conference and posted on the conference website. Submissions that are thematically irrelevant or failing to fulfill format requirements will be rejected.

    Abstract format requirements:
    Max size of an abstract is three A4 pages, prepared in Mirosoft Word (2003/2007/2010), Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, margins 2 cm each. All text left-aligned.

    Do not use indentation for paragraphs or blank spaces before lines, word break, bold or underlined type. Italics can be used only for Latin names of species.
    First line title of the presentation in UPPERCASE LETTERS; next line surname(s) and initials of the author(s); further below title of organization (do not use parentheses), city, e-mail. Then, separated by a blank line, the body of the text, and then references. If the authors have different affiliations, a number corresponding to the number of the organization in affiliations listing is attached to the authors surname and initials.

    List of references (REFERENCES, center aligned, authors names italicized) ordered alphabetically, in the original language. In the body of the text references to the literature should appear as numbers in square brackets corresponding to their numbering in the list of references. Any abbreviations should be explicated in the text.

    No scientific or technical editing of the abstracts will be done.

    Sample abstract

    The abstract of each paper should be in a separate file (use the first authors surname in Latin characters for the file name).

    Organizing Committee address:
    Forest Research Institute, Karelian Research Centre RAS
    11 Pushkinskaya St., 185910 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia
    Phone/fax: (8142) 768160
    Gulnara Akhmetova, Elena Moshkina