International Conference "Biodiversity of the European North (theoretical basis of the study, socio-legal aspects of the use and conservation)"
Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Biology Karelian Research Centre
The General Biology Department of RAS

International Conference
3-7 September 2001
Petrozavodsk, Russia


  • Scientific and legal basis for biodiversity conservation and creation of protected areas;
  • Biodiversity conservation and dynamics of flora and vegetation
  • Studying and conservation of animal species diversity
  • Water ecosystems: composition, structure, dynamics and conservation
  • Genetic, physiological and biochemical aspects of the studying of biodiversity.

  • Programme outline

    Monday September 3, 2001
    Registration; Opening ceremony; Plenary session; Ice-breaking party
    Tuesday September 4, 2001
    Working oral sessions
    Wednesday September 5, 2001
    Working oral and poster sessions
    Closing ceremony and party
    Thursday September 6, 2001
    Friday September 7, 2001
    Excursion to the island Kizhi (museum of wooden architecture, famous wooden church, ethnographic museum).
    The duration of oral presentations is 10-15 minutes for each participant.


    Presentations will be in Russian and English. Translation services will be provided.

    Travel and accommodation

    Accommodation is available at the hotels close to the Institute of Biology. The organizers will make reservation. Prices per night are roughly (as of April 1, 2001):
    Single room - 20 US$
    Double room - 22 US$
    de Luxe suite - 45 US$
    Accommodation should be paid upon arrival.

    Please, inform the committee whether you need hotel reservations to be made for you, and state the day of arrival by e-mail or fax before June 1, 2001.

    Train N18 Moscow-Petrozavodsk (departure time - 6.30 p.m., time of arrival - 8.30 a.m.).

    Train N658 St.Petersburg - Petrozavodsk (departure time - 0.05 a.m., time of arrival - 7.10 a.m.).

    On September 4, 2000 a bus will be waiting at the central entrance to the railway station for participants arriving from St.Petersburg on train №658 and from Moscow on train №18.

    Registration and fees

    The registration fee (100 US$) includes admission to the conference, book of abstracts, ice-breaking and closing parties, coffee/tea. Registration fees are to be paid at registration.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

    Organizing Committee Address
    Dr. Tatjana Kharkina
    Institute of Biology,
    Karelian Research Centre of RAS,
    11 Pushkinskaya St,
    185610 Petrozavodsk,
    Tel. +7 8142 76 27 06
    Fax: +7 8142 77 98 10