Bakhmet Igor Nikolaevich

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Academic degree: Cand. (PhD) of Biology (1998)

Contact phone(s): (8142)57-31-07 / Fax: +7(8142) 76-98-10
Address: 11 Pushkinskaya Street
185910, Russia
Internet address:

Scientific speciality: biologist, physiologist

Education: PhD

Major research trends:

  • physiology of marine invertebrates, cardiac activity in Bivalvia, ecophysiology, ecotoxicology

Keywords: Bivalvia, cardiac activity, hydrobiology

Scietific-organizational and expert activities:
Reviewer in Russian and Foreign journals

Curriculum Vitae:
Bakhmet Igor N., PhD.
Birthday: May 4, 1962
Marital status: married
Citizenship: Russia

Academic Training:
College/University Location From To Degree
Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) State University Leningrad, Russia 1982-1991 MS in Biology
Petrozavodsk State University Petrozavodsk, Russia 1994-1997 PhD in Ichtiology

Professional Experience
Employer From To Position and duties
Institute of Biology, Russia 1999-at present senior researcher, research
Petrozavodsk State University 1998-1999 officer, research
Petrozavodsk State University 1994 -1997 graduate student
Institute of Biology, Russia 1992-1993 scientific worker, research
1990-1992 Effects of the magnetic field and X-ray irradiation on quantum release in neuromuscular junction (results were presented in MS thesis).
1994-1997 Developmental changes in fish heart and gills reaction (ECG and EPG) on the temperature, and light. Studies of fish locomotor and optomotor reactions (results were presented in PhD thesis, see also references (see references [1-2; 1-4]).
1996 Management Joint Norwegian-Russian Fish Farm (White Sea, Karelia, Russia)
1995-1996 Organization of GIS White Sea (see reference [1])
1999-2002 Development and creation of Catalogue Salmon rivers of Onega Lake.
2001-2002 Estimation of Keret River salmon population and its infection of parasite Gyrodactylus salaris
2001-2002 Joint Italy-Canada-Russian project Cardiac responses to environmental stress in crabs and mollusks (NATO Science program).
2003-2005 programs Russian Academy of Science Fundamental basis of the biological resources management (Bioresourses). Name of project - Problems of blue mussels Mytilus edulis L. At the White Sea.
2004-2006 Joint Finnish-Russian project Towards sustainable fishing and biodiversity preservation of northwest Russia salmonid stocks by using molecular genetic techniques for stock and parasite monitoring
2010-2011 Scientific school SS-3731.2010.4. Types of ctrategy of biochemical adaptation in Arctic and Sub-Arctic animals
2012-2015 Project of RAS Bioresourses of Russia: dynamics on the base of global climate changes and anthropogenic influence. Part: Potential of the White sea Bivalvia: physiological-biochemical optimum of development
2012-2014 RFBR. Joint Russian-Norwegian project COOPENOR: Combined effects Of Petroleum and the Environment in bivalves from the Norwegian-Russian Arctic

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