Fedorets Natalia G.

Academic degree: Doctor (DSc) of Agriculture (1998)

Academic status: Professor (2011)

Honorary title: Honored Scientist of Republic of Karelia (2007)

Awards: Honorary Diploma from the Petrozavodsk City; Honorary Diploma from the RAS Trade Union; Honorary Diploma from Republic of Karelia (1997); Honorary Diploma from the RAS Karelian Research Centre Presidium; Honorary Diploma from the RAS Presidium and RAS Trade Union (2002)

Major research trends:

  • Cycles of carbon and nitrogen in forest ecosystems.
  • Soil as the factor determining biodiversity of taiga forest:
  • structure of the soil cover in the boreal zone
  • forest soils and plants
  • relationship between forest soils and microorganisms
  • Pollution of heavy metals and sulfur in forest biogeocenoses.

Scientific publications: 1. Fedorets N.G., Morozova R.M., Sin'kevich S.M., Zagural'skaja L.M. An estimation of efficiency of forest soils of Karelia. Petrozavodsk. 2000. 195 p. (In Russian)
2. Fedorets N.G., Morozova R.M., Bakhmet O.N. Soil cover of forest landscapes of Karelia and its anthropogenous dynamics. Petrozavodsk. 2000. 82 p. (In Russian)
3. Fedorets N.G., Morozova R.М. Fertility of forest soils of Karelia. Petrozavodsk, 2001. 113 p. (In Russian)
4. Harin V.N., Fedorets N.G., Shil'tsova G.V., Diakonov V.V., Spectr. E.N. Geographical laws of accumulation of heavy metals in mosses and forest litter in territory of Karelia. Ecology, 2001. №2. P.155-158. (In Russian)
5. Fedorets N., Krutov V., Bakhmet O. Forests. In: Development of environmental monitoring in the Karelian Republic. Joensuu, 2001. P. 75-81.
6. Fedorets N.G. Background monitoring of forest soils in mid-taiga subzone of Karelia. In: Bioecological aspects of monitoring of forest ecosystems of Northwest of Russia. Petrozavodsk. 2001. P. 20-37. (In Russian)
7. Fedorets N.G. Local soil monitoring in the Kostomuksha ore-dressing mill impact zone. In: Bioecological aspects of monitoring of forest ecosystems of Northwest of Russia. Petrozavodsk. 2001. P. 175-181. (In Russian)
8. Fedorets N.G. Functions of soils as the principal link in the biological nitrogen cycle and forest ecosystem stability. Transactions of 17th World Congress of Soil Science, 2002. V. 5. Paper № 2081.
11. Fedorets N.G., Bakhmet O.N. Ecological settings of carbon and nitrogen transformations in forest soils. Monograph (Ed. S.A. Shoba). Petrozavodsk, 2003. 310 pp. (In Russian)
12. Fedorets N., Morozova R., Bakhmet O. Soil and the soil cover along the Russian - Finnish border. Full paper of Transactions of "Eurosoil 2004", Freiburg, 2004.

Curriculum Vitae:
1998 - Doctor of Soil Science, professor.
1978-1980: Leningrad Agricultural State University, Faculty of Soil Science and Agriculture, PhD course.

Last modified: January 11, 2017