Kondrateva Svetlana V. (Stepanova)

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Kondrateva S.V.


Academic degree: Cand. (PhD) of Economics (2008)

Contact phone(s): +7 (8142) 57-22-10 / Fax: +7 (8142) 57-07-27
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Education: Karelian State Pedagogical University
Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (postgraduate study)

Keywords: cross-border tourism; (Russian-Finnish) borderland; cross-border cooperation; International Tourism; Atctic tourism; Tourism Research; trans-border tourism; border research; Tourism Development; Tourist mobility; impact of tourism on local development

Scientific publications: Major Publication:

- Kondrateva, S. V. (2022). Cross-border tourist mobility as seen by residents of the Karelian borderlands: COVID-19 restrictions, Baltic Region, Vol. 14, no 4, p. 7997. doi: 10.5922/2079-8555-2022-4-5.
- Kondrateva S.V. (2022) Tourism Development in the Regions of the European North. Arctic and North, no. 47, pp. 164187. DOI: 10.37482/issn2221-2698.2022.47.164
- Kondratyeva S.V. (2022). The Tourism Vector for the Karelian Arctic Development. Arctic and North, no. 49, pp. 174192. DOI: 10.37482/issn2221-2698.2022.49.174
- Moroshkina, M.V., Vasilieva, A.V., Kondratyeva, S.V. (2022). Methodological approach to the study of tourism systems in the Northern and Arctic regions on the Russian Federation (on the example of the European North). Arctic: Ecology and Economy, 2021, ol. 12, no. 3, pp. 376386. DOI: 10.25283/2223- 4594-2022-3-376-386
- Kondrateva, S.V. (2022) Interregional differentiation of the development of international tourism in Russia. Moscow University Economic Bulletin, (1), P. 7995.
- Kondrateva S.V. (2022). Sister city connections in the development of benevolent relations: The practice of Karelian-Finnish interaction. Tomsk state university Journal, No. 481. P. 143-156. doi: 10.17223/15617793/481/17
- Moroshkina, V.M., S.V. Kondrateva. (2022). Accessibility of tourism and recreation for people in Russia: the economic aspect. Region: Economics and Socilogy, 3 (115), P. 105125. DOI: 10.15372/REG20220305
- Kondrateva S.V., Shlapeko E.A. (2021). Travel preferences of Finnish cross-border tourists: Opportunities and limitations for Russian Karelia // Geographia Polonica (2021) vol. 94, iss. 4, pp. 555-572. doi:
- Kondrateva S.V. (2021)., Project approach in transboundary tourism-and-recreation region building: the case of Karelia, Balt. Reg.,2021, Vol. 13, no. 1, p. 124137. doi: 10.5922/2079-8555-2021-1-7.
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- Kondrateva S.V. (2020). Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum as a Platform for a Dialogue and for Development of Cooperation: Experience of the Republic of Karelia. Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost'. no. 5. P. 142154. DOI: 10.31857/S086904990010893-4
- Stepanova S.V. (2019). Tourism development in border areas: a benefit or a burden? The case of Karelia, Balt. reg., Vol. 11, no. 2, p. 94111. doi: 10.5922/2079-8555-2019-2-6.
- Stepanova S.V. (2019). The Northern Ladoga region as a prospective tourist destination in the Russian-Finnish borderland: Historical, cultural, ecological and economic aspects// Geographia Polonica, 2019, Vol. 92., Issue 4., P. 409-428. doi:
- Stepanova S.V. (2019). Czynniki rozwoju turystyki przygranicznej na rosyjsko-fińskim pograniczu (Factors underpinning the development of tourism in Russian-Finnish borderland areas) // Przegląd Geograficzny (Polish Geographical Review), 2019, 91, 4, pp. 573587
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- Nemkovich E.G., Shmuilo T.P., Stepanova S.V. (2015). Methodological approach to assessment of the infrastructure of the northern border region of Russia. Tomsk State University Journal. No. 400. P. 231-237
- Stepanova S.V (2014) .Cross-border tourism in the Russian Northwest: general trends and features of development. Baltic region, no. 3 (21), P. 109-121 DOI: 10.5922/2079-8555-2014-3-10

Major Projects:

- Karelia CBC ENI, 8016 Tourism cooperation between SMEs, 2020-2022, expert of the partner (expert, Institute Economics, KarRC RAS)
- Karelia CBC ENI, KA4007 Kalitka the development of cross-border gastronomic tourism, 2018-2021 (expert of the Leading partner -Institute Economics, KarRC RAS)
- Karelia CBC ENI, KA1030 "Ethno-cultural potential in the tourism industry of border areas", 2018-2019 (expert, Institute Economics, KarRC RAS)
- International art-science project "Barents Movement 2016" (Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, European Cultural Foundation) (Tornio, Finland - August, 2016).

- Certificate of Merit issued by the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences for excellent work and high professional achievements (June 20, 2022);
- Letter of Appreciation from the Republic of Karelia Tourism Administration for active participation in providing tourism-related expertise in the Republic of Karelia (July, 2020);
- Three times (2018, 2019 and 2020) scientific papers (as an author and co-author) have been winners in the Scientific Paper Contest among young scientists of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Humanities and Social Sciences in a foreign language.

Last modified: July 20, 2023