Mironov Viсtor L.

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Contact phone(s): 8(8142) 56-16-79 / Fax: +7(8142) 76-98-10
Address: 11 Pushkinskaya Street
185910, Russia
Internet address:

Scientific speciality: ecology

Education: PetrSU 2003-2008

1) Mironov V.L., Grabovik S.I., Ignashov P.A., Kantserova L.V. Geotropic curvatures of Sphagnum: environmental features of their genesis and trial application for estimation shoot length increment // Arctoa V.25, 2016, P.353–363. DOI: 10.15298/arctoa.25.27
2) Mironov V.L., Kondratev A.Y. Peat moss Sphagnum riparium follows circatrigintan growth rhythm in situ: A case report // Chronobiology International. V.34(7), 2017, P. 981–984. DOI: 10.1080/07420528.2017.1329208
3) Mironov V.L., Kondratev A.Y., Mironova A.V. Growth of Sphagnum is strongly rhythmic: Contribution of the seasonal, circalunar and third components // Physiologia Plantarum. V.168, 2020. P.765–776. DOI:10.1111/ppl.13037
4) Mironov V.L., Kondratev A.Y., Mironova A.V. Sphagnum growth as an indicator of wavelength-specific UV-B penetration through the ozone layer // Ecological Indicators.V.116, 2020. P.106430. DOI:10.1016/j.ecolind.2020.106430
5) Mironov V.L. Cloud cover disrupts the influence of the lunar cycle on the growth of peat moss Sphagnum riparium // Environmental and Experimental Botany. V.194, 2022. P.104727.DOI:10.1016/j.envexpbot.2021.104727
6) Mironov V.L. Unknown effects of daily‐scale solar activity on the plant growth: Data from six‐year growth monitoring of Sphagnum riparium // Physiologia Plantarum. V.174(4), 2022. e13733. DOI: 10.1111/ppl.13733

Last modified: July 21, 2022