Kalinina Svetlana Nikolaevna

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Sergina S.N.


Academic degree: Cand. (PhD) of Biology (2009)

Dissertation title: The effect of biologically active substancies on carnivores antioxidant system

Contact phone(s): +7(8142)57-31-07 / Fax: +7(8142)76-98-10
Address: 184910, Petrozavodsk, Pushkinskaya st., 11
215, 219

Scientific speciality: Physiology

Education: Higher education

Major research trends: Ecological physiology

Keywords: Antioxidant system, ecological physiology

Scientific publications:

1. Baishnikova I.V., Sergina S.N., Ilyina T.N., Tyutyunnik N.N., Ilyukha V.A. Effect of vitamin E on antioxidant system in silver and blue foxes // Transaction of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. Experimental biology. 2011. N3. P. 310. (in Russian)
2. Ilyina T.N., Uzenbaeva L.B., Ilyukha V.A., Baishnikova I.V., Sergina S.N., Kizhina A.G. The effect of high doses of ascorbic acid on antioxidant system and blood leukocytes of congenital pathology in minks // Veterinary. 2011. N8, P.53-57. (in Russian)
3. Khizhkin E.A., Ilyukha V.A., Komov V.T., Parkalov I.V., Ilyina T.N., Baishnikova I.V., Sergina S.N., Gremyachikh V.A., Kamshilova T.B., Stepina E.S. Specific features of mercury content in tissues of carnivorous mammals of different ecogenesis // Transaction of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. Experimental biology. 2012. N2. P. 147-153. (in Russian)
4. Antonova E.P., Ilyukha V.A., Belkin V.V., Khizhkin E.A., Sergina S.N., Ilyina T.N., Yakimova A.E. Energy supply and antioxidant defence in bats during hibernation // Uchenye zapiski Orlovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. 2014. Vol. 63, N7. P. 235-236. (in Russian)
5. Sergina S.N., Ilyukha V.A., Lapinski S., Nedbala P., Okulova I.I., Beltyukova Z.N. Species-specificity of changes of pro- and antioxidant balance in liver of carnivorous mammals (Canidae) under the influence of exogenous melatonin // Fundamental research. 2014. N9. P. 96-99. (in Russian)
6. Antonova E.P., Ilyukha V.A., Sergina S.N. Antioxidant system in hibernating mammals // Printsipy ekologii, 2015, Vol. 4, 2(14), P. 4-20. (in Russian)
7. Antonova E.P., Ilyukha V.A., Sergina S.N., Khizhkin E.A., Belkin V.V., Yakimova A.E. Hibernation as adaptive mechanism under Nothern conditions // Vestnik Severo-Vostochnogo Federalnogo universiteta. 2015. N6(50). P. 5-13. (in Russian)
8. Ilyina T.N., Ilyukha V.A., Baishnikova I.V., Sergina S.N., Łapinski S. Investigation of antioxidant system in raccoon dogs from different geographical zones in the autumn period // Scientifur. 2015. Vol. 39, N1. P. 5-8.
9. Sergina S.N., Ilyukha V.A., Baishnikova I.V., Ilyina T.N. The modulating effect of coat color mutations on the generation and neutralization of reactive oxygen species in the merican mink (Neovison vison) as a model // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. 2015. Vol. 19, N3. P. 296-302. (in Russian)
10. Sergina S., Antonova E., Ilyukha V., Łapiński S., Lis M., Niedbała P., Unzhakov A., Belkin V. Biochemical adaptations to dive-derived hypoxia/reoxygenation in semiaquatic rodents // Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B. 2015. Vol. 190. P. 37-45. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpb.2015.08.012.
11. Ilyukha V., Antonova E., Belkin V., Uzenbaeva L., Khizhkin E., Sergina S., Ilyina T., Baishnikova I., Kizhina A., Yakimova A. The eco-physiological status of hibernating bats (Chiroptera) in the north of the European distribution range // Acta Biol. Univ. Daugavp. 2015. Vol. 15, N1. P. 75 94.

Curriculum Vitae:
She was born on January, 13, 1983 in Kondopoga, Karelia, Russia. She is an animal physiologist, PhD and researcher in Laboratory of Animal Ecophysiology (Institute of biology, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences). She graduated ecological-biological faculty of Petrozavodsk State University in 2005. She was postgraduate student on speciality physiology from 2006 to 2008. She defended her PhD thesis Influence of biologically active substances on the antioxidant system in carnivorous mammals in 2009.
Over the last 5 years she was the performer in the Russian Federation President grant for leading scientific schools, the projects of Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Program, the Program for Basic Research Department of Biological Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences) in 2012-2014. She is the leader of the Project RFBR 16-34-00389-mol_a "The role of the pineal gland and melatonin in the mechanisms of mammals adaptation to a variety of climatic and geographical conditions." She was a member of the International Russian-Polish project 68 Physiological and biochemical bases of mammals adaptation to the environmental factors."

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