October 8, 2019
KarRC RAS scientists took part in the kick-off meeting of the international project "WAMBAF Tool Box" (Water management in Baltic forests – tool box), implemented under the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme, which took place in Arkhangelsk on October 1-2, 2019.
Karelian Research Centre RAS was represented in the meeting by project experts – Deputy President for Science Nikolai Ilmast and Leading Researcher at the Forest Research Institute Sergey Sin’kevich.

During two days of intense work together with colleagues from the Swedish Forest Agency, Integrated Arctic Research Centre in Arkhangelsk, WWF Barents Sea Branch Arkhangelsk Office, and St. Petersburg ITMO University a Swedish-designed technique for assessing the condition of small rivers was tested in the field, and the action plan for adapting it to be applied to forested catchments in the Arkhangelsk Region and Republic of Karelia was discussed.

The upcoming plans of this project, scheduled for a 3-year period and bringing together partners from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, include the development of a common methodology and analysis of the applicability of the suggested approaches to Russian realities.

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