Rodionova, Alexandra Projects

  • (2022-2023 , Rodionova, Alexandra, , 22-28-20215)
    This project is aimed at preserving the cultural and historical values ​​of the indigenous peoples of Karelia, namely the Karelian and Veps languages, which are under a serious threat of extinction. The most important component of the complex of measures for the preservation of any languages ​​is their documentation and study. In modern conditions of digitalization of scientific knowledge, a special place in the process of linguistic research is occupied by corpuses - information and reference systems designed to simplify and accelerate the process of linguistic processing of large volumes of linguistic data. This project is aimed at solving the problem of creating a corpus of sounding Karelian and Vepsian speech.
  • Foneticheskie i grammaticheskie markery karelskoj dialektnoj rechi
    (2014-2015 , Novak, Irina, RGSF, 14-34-01204а2)
  • Lyudiki: problemy sohraneniya yazyka i kultury
    (2014-2016 , Rodionova, Alexandra, RGSF, 14-04-00034а)
  • Kompleksnoe issledovanie istoriko-kulturnoj zony Yuzhnoj Karelii
    (2014-2015 , Savitsky, Alexey, RGSF, 14-31-01212)
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