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Иващенко В.И., Голубев А.И.
Золото и платина Карелии: формационно-генетические типы оруденения и перспективы
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2011. 369 с.
The authors have summarized data on the gold and platinum metallogeny of the Karelian region available in the literature and archives. The genetic types of noble-metal mineralization of Karelia and adjacent territories are classified on the basis of extensive evidence obtained by the authors over a 30–40-year period of mineragenetic study of Karelia and the results of geological observations of many gold deposits in Fennoscandia. Principal differences between the Archaean and Proterozoic gold and platinum metallogeny of the Fennoscandian Shield were revealed.
The monograph will be useful for developing the modern strategy and tactics of prospecting and forecasting of noble-metal mineralization in the Karelian region.
The project was supported by the RAS Presidium Programmes Nos. 14, 23 and 24 «The scientific fundamentals of innovative energy-saving, environmentally safe technologies of the assessment and use of natural and artificial resources» and the RAS ESU-2 Programme «Basic geological problems and the conditions of formation and the principles of forecasting of conventional and new types of big strategic mineral deposits».

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