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Ветчинникова Л.В., Кузнецова Т.Ю., Титов А.Ф.
Особенности накопления тяжелых металлов в листьях древесных растений на урбанизированных территориях в условиях Севера
// Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 3. Сер. Экспериментальная биология. 2013. C. 68-73
Vetchinnikova L.V., Kuznetsova T.Yu., Titov A.F. Patterns of heavy metal accumulation in leaves of trees in urban areas in the North // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 3. Experimental biology. 2013. Pp. 68-73
Keywords: birch, lime, rowan, poplar, air pollution, heavy metals, seasonal variations
Studies have demonstrated that among the deciduous species (birch, lime, rowan, poplar) most commonly used for landscaping northern cities, birch stands out for a high capacity to accumulate heavy metals. It stores the most toxic elements – cadmium, lead and nickel, as well as manganese. We found also that the heavy metal content in the leaves did not remain constant over the growing season, but increased towards its termination. This pattern was the most explicit in the birch trees growing in urban areas.
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