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И.М. Камшилов, Р.А. Запруднова.
Эффект Бора в характеристике буферных свойств гемоглобина рыб
// Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 3. Сер. Экспериментальная биология. 2013. C. 190-193
I.M. Kamshilov, R.A. Zaprudnova. The Bohr effect in the characteristics of the buffer properties of fish hemoglobin // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 3. Experimental biology. 2013. Pp. 190-193
Keywords: fish, hemoglobin, the Bohr effect, acid resistance
Correlations between acid-resistance and hemoglobin functional properties in fish were studied for the first time (using representatives of 15 species and 6 families: freshwater bony fishes and migratory sturgeons). A new finding is the correlation between the resistance of fish to high water acidity, performance of the hemoglobin buffer system, and the value of the Bohr effect. We suggest that the latter is used as a characteristic of the former two.

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