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Ветчинникова Л.В., Титов А.Ф., Кузнецова Т.Ю.
Карельская береза: биологические особенности, динамика ресурсов и воспроизводство
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2013. 312 с.
Vetchinnikova L., Titov A., Kuznetsova T. CURLY BIRCH: biological characteristics, resource dynamics, and reproduction. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2013. 312 p.
The book summarizes the results of years of research on curly (Karelian) birch Betula pendula Roth var. carelica (Mercklin) Hämet-Ahti, which is known for its valuable figured wood, but has largely lost the naturally reproducing gene pool. Own and published data were used to describe the principal biological characteristics of curly birch, delineate its current distribution range, identify the main factors for their change over the past nearly 100 years. Special focus is on the dynamics of curly birch resources in conditions of environmental change and human impact. Data on the curly birch reproductive potential are provided, and application of modern biotechnology for its propagation and conservation of the genetic diversity are examined. Issues related to the origin of curly birch and the mechanisms behind the formation of figured wood are considered.
For scientists, academics, PhD and degree students of forestry and biological sciences, as well as for researchers and specialists in conservation and reproduction of plant resources.
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