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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 1. Сер. Геология Докембрия
2014. 192 с.
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 1. Precambrian geology Series. 2014. 192 p.

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Articles in journal:

А.V. Stepanova, А.V. Samsonov, А.N. Larionov. The final episode of the middle proterozoic magmatism in the Onega structure: data on Trans-Onega dolerites3
L.P. Sviridenko. The rapakivi granites of the Fennoscandian shield (the case of Karelia)17
V.S. Kulikov, V.V. Kulikova. Kuolajarvi synclinorium: a new concept of geological structure and composite section28
V.I. Ivashchenko, А.I. Golubev, М.М. Ibragimov, А.Е. Romashkin. Archean auriferous mineralization of the koikary structure: genetic typification, mineral assemblages, formation conditions, and perspectives39
V.M. Tytyk, P.V. Frolov. Lobash molybdenum deposit: a big promising economic deposit in the republic of Karelia56
L.V. Kuleshevich, A.V. Dmitrieva. Geochemical characteristics and gold mineralization of the late archaean taloveis diorite granite porphyry complex, Kostomuksha structure, Karelia63
V.N. Kozhevnikov, V.А. Zemtsov. Hydrothermal zircons from ore amphibolites of the Travyanaya Guba massif, North Karelia76
A.M. Ruch’yov, M.Yu. Nilov. Novye Peski gold-sulphide occurrence: ore-controlling shear displacements and their geophysical traits90
A. Soesoo, S. Hade. Black shale of Estonia: moving towards a Fennoscandian-Baltoscandian Database103
M.M. Filippov. Raman spectroscopy as a method for investigation of highly carbonized organic matter. Part 1. major applications115
P.V. Medvedev, S.A. Svetov, A.I. Svetova. Relics of thermophylic chemolithotrophic microbiota in the archean rocks from Central Karelia135
R.V. Sadovnichiy, N.N. Rozhkova. The minerals associations of carbon-rich shungite rocks of the Maksovo deposit (the Onega structure)148
Short communications158
Z.P. Rybnikova, S.A. Svetov. Geochemistry of accessory chromites in mesoarchean komatiites from Central Karelia (Sovdozero structure)158
A.I. Golubev. Scientific Conference "Gold of the Fennoscandian Shield" (October 1–5, 2013)167
N.V. Sharov. Petrozavodsk Geophysical Observatory169
Dates and anniversaries172
V.V. Shchiptsov. Pyotr Borisov (on the 135th anniversary)172
А.V. Pervunina. Linata Sviridenko (on the 80th anniversary)175
Oleg Volodichev (on the 75th anniversary)179
Nikolai Sharov (on the 70th anniversary)184
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