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Грибные сообщества лесных экосистем. Том 4
Под ред. В. Г. Стороженко, А. В. Руоколайнен.
М.; Петрозаводск: Карельский научный центр РАН, 2014. 145 с.
Fungal Communities in Forest Ecosystems. Vol. 4. / Eds. V. G. Storozhenko, A. V. Ruokolainen.. Moscow; Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 2014. 145 p.
The publication presents original articles by leading experts in phytopatology and mycology from several scientific centers of Russia and Belarus. It offers for discussion some provisions to optimize terminology in fungi digestion priorities. In particular, data are provided on the first ever discovered in Siberia focal expansion of Armillaria mellea s.l. in the Sayan Mountains cedar forests, on massive dieback of boxwood in Sochinsky National Park and massive die-back of pine in Belarus, on differences between insular and mainland fungal biota in the Archangelsk Region, on the structure of agaricoid basidiomycetes in pine forests of the Perm Region, on the taxonomic composition of macrofungi in the Vodlozersky National Park, on the diversity of microscopic fungi in the Central Forest Strict Nature Reserve, on the effect of wood-decay fungi on tradeable timber output from forests of different plant formations in the Ul’yanovsk Region.

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