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Федорец Н.Г., Бахмет О.Н., Медведева М.В., Ахметова Г.В., Новиков С.Г., Ткаченко Ю.Н., Солодовников А.Н.
Тяжелые металлы в почвах Карелии
Отв. ред. Г.В. Ахметова.
Петрозаводск: Карельский научный центр РАН, 2015. 222 с.
Fedorets N.G., Bakhmet O.N., Medvedeva M.V., Akhmetova G.V., Novikov S.G., Tkachenko Yu.N., Solodovnikov A.N. Heavy metals in soils of Karelia. / Ed. by G.V. Akhmetova. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2015. 222 p.
The results of years of research on the heavy metal contamination of soils in Karelia are summarized in this book. Patterns in the content and distribution of heavy metals across the soil profile in undisturbed forest ecosystems are demonstrated. The results of background monitoring of soils in strict nature reserves Kostomukshsky and Kivach, and of soil surveys in different types of Karelian mid-taiga landscapes are reported. These data can serve as the baseline for indication of soil heavy metal contamination. The results of environmental monitoring in the impact zone of the Kostomuksha mining and ore-dressing mill, which is one of the biggest point sources of air and soil pollution in Karelia, are summarized and presented. The reported information about heavy metal accumulation in soils of natural and managed pine forests is of high relevance in the context of intensive forest use. The patterns of heavy metal pollution in the City of Petrozavodsk were identified, and the content of heavy metals in topsoils in the city was mapped. The threshold of microorganisms’ sensitivity to heavy metals depending on their taxonomy, as well as the biological activity of soils as related to changes in soil factors were determined.
The material provided in the book can be used to work out nature conservation actions, to address soil protection tasks, to carry out environmental monitoring.
Meant for specialists in biological disciplines, educators, PhD and graduate students.
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Heavy metals in soils of Karelia (26.5 Mb, total downloads: 109)


Chapter 1. Heavy metals pollution of soils (overview of the problem) (Akhmetova G.V)9
Chapter 2. Background monitoring of forest soils in Karelia17
2.1. Background ecological monitoring of forest soils in the north-taiga subzone of Karelia (Kostomukshsky nature reserve) (Fedorets N.G., Solodovnikov A.N)18
2.2. Background ecological monitoring of forest soils in the middle-taiga subzone of Karelia (Kivach nature reserve) (Fedorets N.G)41
Chapter 3. Heavy metals in soils of Karelian mid-taiga landscapes (Akhmetova G.V)55
Chapter 4. Ecological monitoring of soils in the Kostomuksha ore-dressing mill impact zone93
4.1. Impact of air-borne industrial pollution from the Kostomuksha ore-dressing mill on adjacent soils (Fedorets N.G)94
4.2. Microbiological diagnosis of soils exposed to industrial pollution (Medvedeva M.V)109
Chapter 5. Heavy metal contamination in soils of Petrozavodsk119
5.1. Environmental assessment of heavy metal contamination in soils of Petrozavodsk (Novikov S.G)120
5.2. Microbiological assessment of soils in Petrozavodsk (Medvedeva M.V)136
Chapter 6. Heavy metals in soils of felled sites in Karelia (Tkachenko U.N)148
Chapter 7. Heavy metal contamination in soils of Karelia160
7.1. Heavy metal levels in soils of Karelia: regional averages (Bakhmet O.N)160
7.2. Estimation of the integrated heavy metal pollution index for soils of Karelia (Akhmetova G.V)187
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