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NGM-2013. Networking Games and Management: International workshop
Editor Mazalov V.V., Resp. for volume Chirkova J.V..
Petrozavodsk: KRC RAS, 2013. 106 p.
The present volume contains extended abstracts
accepted for the International Workshop "Networking Games and management" held in the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Petrozavodsk, Russia, June 23-25, 2013.
The Program of the Workshop concentrates on (but not restricted to)the following topics: networking games and management, optimal routing, price of anarchy, auctions, negotiations, learning and adaptive games, etc.
Over 26 papers from Finland, France, Germany, Netherland, Russia and Ukraine were submitted.
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Abstracts in proceedings:

Avrachenkov K., Morozov E., Nekrasova R., Steyaert B. Queue with constant retrial rate: verification of stability region via regeneration simulation9
Бородина А. В., Морозов Е. В. Оценивание эффективной пропускной способности узла в тандемной сети26
Chernobrovkin D., Pechnikov A. Regarding Web Site Structure Improvements35
Chernov I.A. Optimal quorum for the model of computational grid with redundancy38
Ivashko E. E., Rumiantsev A. S. Optimizing workflow in BOINC–based Desktop Grid48
Kondratev A. Y. N-threshold approximation of continuous equilibrium in internet auction51
Leri M., Pavlov Yu. Power-law random graphs and fire robustness53
Lukashenko O., Morozov E. On the overflow probability asymptotics for a class of gaussian queues58
Potakhina L., Morozov E., De Turck K. An application of the inspection paradox to stability analysis of some telecommunication systems106
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