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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 5. Сер. Лимнология
2016. 132 с.
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Hydrophysics. 3
G.E. Zdorovennova, R.E Zdorovennov., Н.И. Palshin, T.V. Efremova, G.G. Gavrilenko, S.R. Bogdanov, A.Yu. Terzhevik. Thermal regime of a shallow lake in winter3
Yu.V. Karpechko. Logging effects on runoff from the forested part of the catchment of Lake Onega13
N.A. Diansky, V.V. Fomin, T.Yu. Vyruchalkina, A.V. Gusev. Numerical simulation of the caspian sea circulation using the marine and atmospheric research system21
Hydrochemistry of waters and bottom sediments35
P.A. Lozovik, G.S. Borodulina, Yu.V. Karpechko, S.A. Kondratyev, A.V. Litvinenko, I.A. Litvinova. Nutrient load on Lake Onego according to field data35
D.V. Ivanov, I.I. Ziganshin, E.V. Osmelkin, R.R. Khasanov. Characteristics of sedimentation processes in Sobakino lakes system53
Research methods62
A.V. Starovoytov, M.Yu. Tokarev, A.L. Marchenko, D.A. Subetto, A.E. Rybalko, M.I. Aleshin. GPR potential when investigating quaternary deposits in lakes of karelia62
V.V. Menshutkin, N.N. Filatov. A model of under-ice ecological system of a large lake based on the application of cellular automata76
T.S. Shelekhova, D.A. Subetto. Diatoms in the bottom sediments of Zaonezhye lakes: assessment of the present state of the lakes and reconstruction of Lake Onego level variations88
A.N. Tolstobrova, D.S. Tolstobrov, V.V. Kolka, O.P. Korsakova. Late glacial and postglacial history of lake Osinovoye (Kola region) inferred from sedimentary diatom assemblages106
N.N. Filatov. In honour of the 25th anniversary of the Northern Water Problems Institute of the Karelian Research Centre RAS117
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