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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 1. Сер. Биогеография
2017. 128 с.
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Articles in journal:

Kravchenko A.V., Mayorova L.V., Sikkilä N.S., Heikkilä R. Additions to and revisions of the vascular plant flora of the Kostomukshsky Strict Nature Reserve (Republic of Karelia)3
V.L. Mironov, O.L. Kuznetsov, A.I. Maksimov, V.K. Antipin, R. Heikkilä, T. Lindholm, S.A. Kutenkov. On the flora of the Ypäyssuo Hydrological (Mire) Nature Reserve, Karelia (Russia)18
T.P. Drugova. Comparative analysis of urban moss floras of the Murmansk Region32
Yu.R. Khimich, A.G. Shiryaev, L.G. Isaeva, N.G. Berlina. Ground-Dwelling Aphyllophoroid Fungi of the Lapland Reserve50
T.A. Chekryzheva. Phytoplankton of lakes in different types of landscape in Southern Karelia (Vendyurskaya group and Zaonezhye)62
V.А. Smagin, M.G. Noskova, V.K. Antipin, M.A. Boychuk. Diversity and phytosociological role of mosses in mires of southwestern Arkhangelsk region and adjacent territories75
Petrov N.V., Karpin V.A., Tuyunen A.V. Sub-landscape (locality level) characteristics of forest cover formation in Vodlozersky National Park97
Short communications105
S.V. Dudov, M.N. Kozhin, K.V. Dudova. An addition to the flora of Tukuringra Range (Amur Region)105
Borovichev E.A., Shorokhova E.V., Ilina O.V., Maksimov A.I., Potemkin A.D., Maksimova T.A. Data on the Distribution of Rare and Red-Listed Species of Liverworts in the Republic of Karelia110
D.A. Davydov, E.A. Borovichev. I International conference and the feld course "Сyanoprokaryota (cyanobacteria): systematics, ecology, distribution" (Apatity, September 5–9, 2016)117
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