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Ю.Р. Химич, А.Г. Ширяев, Л.Г. Исаева, Н.Г. Берлина.
Напочвенные афиллофороидные грибы Лапландского заповедника
// Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 1. Сер. Биогеография. 2017. C. 50-61
Yu.R. Khimich, A.G. Shiryaev, L.G. Isaeva, N.G. Berlina. Ground-Dwelling Aphyllophoroid Fungi of the Lapland Reserve // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 1. Biogeography. 2017. Pp. 50-61
Key words: aphyllophoroid fungi; soil; ecology; Lapland State Biosphere Reserve; Murmansk Region
The list of ground-dwelling aphyllophoroid fungi of the Lapland State Biosphere Reserve is presented on the basis of expedition materials and revision of herbarium specimens. The article addressed the issue of their distribution within the reserve and in the Murmansk Region at large. At the moment, there are 73 species in the reserve territory, 51 of them are new findings for the reserve. Seven species - Ceratellopsis sagittiformis, Craterellus lutescens, Hydnum umbilicatum, Macrotyphula tremula, Ramaria neoformosa, Ramaria roellinii, Typhula subvariabilis are new records for the Murmansk Region. The following four species were excluded from the Lapland Biosphere Reserve mycobiota: Boletopsis leucomelaena, Clavaria fumosa, Hydnellum compactum, Ramaria flava.
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