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Г.П. Урбанавичюс, М.А. Фадеева.
Дополнения к лихенофлоре заповедника «Пасвик» (Мурманская область) по материалам 2015-2016 гг
// Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 6. Сер. Биогеография. 2017. C. 61-69
G.P. Urbanavichus, M.A. Fadeeva. Additions to the lichen flora of the Pasvik strict nature reserve (Murmansk region) based on records from 2015-2016 // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 6. Biogeography. 2017. Pp. 61-69
Key words: lichens; diversity; distribution; rare species; conservation
Although there are many published articles about the lichen flora of the Pasvik Strict Nature Reserve, the diversity of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi of this protected area is not completely known. In 2016, the Reserve's administration organized a new hepatic-lichenological field trip to the southern part of the Reserve. One of the main goals of this trip was to study the lichen diversity of old pine and aspen forests. As a result, sixteen species of lichens have been added to the total number of lichens ever found in the Pasvik Reserve (NW Murmansk Region), viz. Anzina carneonivea, Bacidina chloroticula, Blastenia ammiospila, Bryoria implexa, Cetraria nigricans, Cladonia cariosa, C. stricta, Diploschistes muscorum, Leimonis erratica, Multiclavula corynoides, Nephroma resupinatum, Phaeophyscia endococcina, Protomicarea limosa, Strangospora moriformis, Tephromela atra, Trapeliopsis flexuosa. The total lichen flora of the Pasvik Reserve now comprises 504 species. A rare southern species Bacidina chloroticula is new to the Murmansk Region. This species was found in the southern part of the reserve in an old aspen forest, growing on moss-covered rock. A rare species Peltigera occidentalis was found for the second time in the Murmansk Region, in an area adjacent to the Reserve. Anzina carneonivea, Bryoria implexa, Nephroma resupinatum, Peltigera occidentalis, and Trapeliopsis flexuosa are newly reported for the biogeographic province Lapponia petsamoënsis. Six genera are new for the lichen flora of the Reserve - Anzina, Leimonis, Multiclavula, Protomicarea, Strangospora, and Tephromela. In addition, nineteen rarely collected species are also reported. Brief characteristics of the localities and notes on regional distribution of the species are given. New localities for three species from the Red Data Books of the Murmansk Region and Russia, Bryoria fremontii, Lichenomphalia hudsoniana and Melanohalea exasperata, are reported. It is recommended to exclude the species Melanohalea exasperata from the Red Data Book of the Murmansk Region as non-threatened.
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