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A.A. Nikonov, A.V. Poleshchuk, D.S. Zykov. On recent faults and paleoseismic fractures in the palaeoproterozoic Onega structure of the Baltic shield3
N.V. Sharov, E.V. Isanina, G.M. Drogitskaya. Deep structure of ore districts of the Fennoscandian and Ukrainian shields19
A.M. Ruchyov. Karelian garnet as a promising source of scandium and rare-earth metals30
A.G. Nikiforov. Complex garnet ore control factors for the Vysota-181 deposit43
L.V. Kuleshevich, .B. Lavrov, . V. Dmitrieva, V.. Tytyk. Precious-metal mineralization at the western exocontact of the Hautavaara massif, South Karelia59
S.Yu. Chazhengina, A.V. Bakaeva, Z.P. Rybnikova, P.V. Medvedev, S.A. Svetov. Microfossils from relict mesoarchean paleosol developed on komatiites from Koikary area, Central Karelia78
N.V. Sharov. All-Russian conference with participation of foreign scientists Deep Structure and Geodynamics of Lake Ladoga Region in memory of St. Petersburg State University Professor Aida A. Kovtun (Petrozavod91
A.I. Slabunov, N.S. Nesterova. Scientific conference Early Precambrian vs Modern Geodynamics (Petrozavodsk, May 29-31, 2017)94
Dates and anniversaries97
Aleksandr I. Slabunov (on the 60th anniversary)97
V.S. Kulikov. Vladimir A. Sokolov (on the 90th anniversary)101
In memory of Victor A. Glebovitskii103
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