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Hydrochemistry and sediments3
P.A. Lozovik, G.T. Frumin. Present-day state and permissible3
A.V. Leonov, P.A. Lozovik , O.I. Ikko. Using experimental data on biochemical oxygen demand for correct assessment of the status of water bodies and the quality of natural waters11
V.A. Dauvalter, N.A. Kashulin. Accumulation and migration of chemical elements in the Arctic terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the impact zone of emissions from pechenganickel company31
Hydrobiology and ichthyolog43
N.V. Zueva, A.V. Kozlova, A.Yu. Kulichenko. Use of toxicological characteristics in the integrated assessment of the water bodies ecological status43
Research methods57
A.A. Korosov, A.V. Moiseev, R. Shuchman, D.V. Pozdnyakov. MODIS-Aqua and Sentinel-2 data fusion: application to optically shallow waters of lake michigan57
A.A. Korosov, D.V. Pozdnyakov, R. Shuchman, M. Sayers, R. Sawtell, A.V. Moiseev. Bio-optical retrieval algorithm for the optically shallow waters of lAKE MICHIGAN. II. efficiency assessment72
E.I. Ignatov, I.V. Zemlyanov, A.Yu. Sanin, E.V. Borshchenko, P.N. Tersky. Application of mathematical modeling methods for studying the dynamics of Lake Onego shores84
P.Yu. Litinsky. Spatial-temporal model of terrestrial ecosystems in Lake Onego catchment94
.V. Zimin. Russian National Conference with international participants Hydrometeorology and Ecology: Scientific and Educational Achievements and Perspectives (St. Petersburg, December 1920, 2017)107
N.N. Filatov, A.N. Gel'fan, Sh.R. Pozdnyakov, T.I. Regerand. Development of Indo-Russian cooperation in the sphere of water research110
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