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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 5. Сер. Экологические исследования
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V.V. Elsakov, A.B. Novakovskiy, N.V. Polikarpova. Spatial differences in the accumulation of elements by the lichen Cladonia rangiferina L. in the Pasvik Nature Reserve3
V.G. Storozhenko. Volume, structure and decomposition dynamics of woody debris in primary spruce forests of the taiga zone of European Russia15
V.A. Matyushkin, S.A. Moshnikov. Changes in the structure and productivity of a herb-Sphagnum pine stand upon drainage and a combination of treatments26
D.M. Bezmaternykh, O.N. Vdovina. Current knowledge of macrozoobenthos in lakes of the southern Ob-Irtys h interfluve39
Ju.K. Chugunova. Development of helminthiasis pest holes of anthropogenic origin during transformation of water bodies, example of Krasnoyarskoye storage reservoir58
M.Yu. Alekseev, A.M. Nikolaev, A.V. Zubchenko, E.N. Rasputina, A.G. Legun, N.V. Ilmast, Yu.A. Shustov. Feeding of juvenile Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar L. and its trophic relations with other fish species in rivers of the Barents and White sea drainage basins (Kola peninsula)65
L.A. Lysenko, N.P. Kantserova, E.D. Tushina, N.V. Poliakova, D.L. Lajus, N.N. Nemova. The White Sea threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus, differentiation at the beginning of spawning by the activity of calcium-dependent proteases and population characteristics79
M.A. Ruch’ev, D.A. Efremov, A.E. Veselov. Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) reproduct ion in streams of Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park (Arkhangelsk region)89
O.N. Bakhmet. 7th Russian National Conference with international involvement "Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Forest Soil Science" (Petrozavodsk, September 13–16, 2017)99
О.Н. Бахмет. VII Всероссийская научная конференция с международным участием "Теоретические и прикладные аспекты лесного почвоведения" (Петрозаводск, 13–16 сентября 2017г.)99
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