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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 9. Сер. Лимнология. Океанология
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Hydrochemistry and sediments
Hydrophysics. Hydrology4
R.E. Zdorovennov, N.I. Palshin, G.E. Zdorovennova, A.V. Mitrokhov. Database "Сurrents in a shallow lake – 1" and its potential applications4
N.E. Galakhina, P.A. Lozovik. Changes in surface water chemical composition at Korpangskoye iron ore deposit15
D.V. Ivanov, E.V. Osmelkin, I.I. Ziganshin. A study of contemporary and historical sedimentation in waterbodies of the Volgaupland and the low-lying trans-Volga region31
Hydrobiology and ichthyology44
E.V. Tekanova, N.M. Kalinkina, R.E. Zdorovennov, E.M. Makarova. Results of the study of Lake Onego ecosystem in the period of summer stratification based on measured data from a 2017 expedition44
Yu.Yu. Fomina, M.T. Syarki. Modern state of zooplankton and its response to climate change in Petrozavodsk bay of Lake Onego54
D.B. Denisov, S.A. Valkova, P.M. Terentjev, A.A. Cherepanov, A.V. Razumovskaya. Ecological state of the small lakes under Monchegorsk site of the jsc "Kolskaya GMK"65
A.L. Kosova, D.B. Denisov, S.B. Nikolaeva. The ecosystem of the lake Tridzatka (Murmansk region) during the holocene according to the results of diatom analysis of bottom77
D.S. Tolstobrov, A.N. Tolstobrova, V.V. Kolka, O.P. Korsakova, D.A. Subetto. Putative records of the holocene tsunami in lacustrine bottom sediments near the Teriberka settlement (Kola Peninsula, Russia)92
A.V. Ludikova, D.D. Kuznetsov. Lake Onego level changes in the late and postglacial times as inferred from the study of the sediment sequence on Bolshoy Klimenetsky island103
History of science115
I.S. Trifonova. Key development stages of limnology in Russia up to the middle of the 20th century115
N.N. Filatov, T.I. Regerand. International Conference InterCarto/InterGIS-24 "Geoinformation Support to Sustainable Development of Territories" (Petrozavodsk, July 19–22, 2018)126
Dates and anniversaries130
N.N. Filatov, A.V. Sobisevich. Founder of the Water Problems Department of the Karelian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (on the 130th anniversary of Sergey V. Grigoriev)130
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