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L.V. Vetchinnikova, A.F. Titov. The role of protected areas in the conservation of the Curly Birch gene pool3
N.V. Genikova, E.V. Toropova, A.M. Kryshen, V.N. Mamontov. hanges in the ground cover structure in the forest forest edge cutover ecotone in a bilberry spruce stand ten years after logging12
N.B. Lavrova, L.V. Filimonova. Using the fossil flora composition analysis for the reconstruction of vegetation and palaeoecological conditions during late glacial time in Karelia27
R.R. Suleymanov, A.R. Suleymanov, I.Yu. Saifullin, G.M. Gizatshina, M.G. Yurkevich, I.M. Gabbasova. Pedological-geomorphometric analysis of an area designated for an irrigation project44
L.A. Trilikauskas, R.Yu. Dudko. Early summer aspect of the population of grounddwelling spiders (aranei), harvestmen (opiliones) and ground beetles (coleoptera, carabidae) in pinus sibirica forests of Shorsky national park55
I.A. Baryshev. Zoobenthos of the Kem river, White sea drainage basin (composition, abundance and trophic structure)70
I.A. Baryshev, A.V. Tkachenko, A.V. Veselov, A.P. Shkatelov. Macrozoobenthos in tributaries of the lower reaches of the ponoy river (Kola peninsula, Russia) in the habitats of young atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.) and brown trout (Salmo Trutta L.)84
O.P. Sterligova, N.V. Ilmast, N.P. Milyanchuk. The fish population of small water bodies in Lake Onego catchment, and their prospective uses96
A.E. Veselov, D.A. Efremov, M.A. Ruchev. Status of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.) reproduction in the Zolotitsa river, Paraninsky tributary, and the adjacent Lopatka stream in Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park (White Sea drainage basin)105
E.V. Ivanter, O.Yu. Zhulinskaya. On the study of the grey-sided vole in the south-west periphery of the area112
K.F. Tirronen, P.I. Danilov, V.V. Belkin. 7th International Symposium "Dynamics of game animals populations in Northern Europe" (Petrozavodsk, September 2428, 2018)132
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