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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 12. Сер. Экспериментальная биология
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L.P. Smirnov. Organic cation transporters of the SLC22 family. Molecular diversity, structure, function, partnership in the functioning of the interorgan communication system of animals (a rewiew)3
T.G. Shibaeva, E.N. Ikkonen, E.G. Sherudilo, A.F. Titov. Plant responses to a daily temperature drop of different intensity and duration20
Original papers38
S.P. Rozhkov, A.S. Goryunov. Conformational effects of interaction of serum albumine with nanoparticles of carbon shungyte: EPR spin-probe study38
A.E. Bakhvalova, S.A. Murzina, V.P. Voronin, S.N. Pekkoeva, Т.Р. Ruokolainen, D.L. Lajus, T.S. Ivanova, N.N. Nemova. The dynamics of lipids and some fatty acids in the muscles of the White Sea threespine stickleback during short-term fasting and under different feeding regimens51
K.M. Nikerova, N.A. Galibina, Yu.L. Moshchenskaya, L.L. Novitskaya, M.N. Borodina, I.N. Sofronova. Quercetin oxidation by karelian birch peroxidase65
V.B. Pridacha, G.P. Tikhova, T.A. Sazonova. The effect of abiotic factors on water exchange in coniferous and deciduous plants76
A.A. Kochneva, E.V. Borvinskaya, D.S. Bedulina, I.V. Sukhovskaya. A comparison of the protein profile of Triaenophorus nodulosus plerocercoids from different intermediate hosts87
V.K. Bolondinskii, L.M. Vilikainen. Gaseous CO2 exchange in silver birch saplings growing under different levels of nitrogen supply99
E.A. Khizhkin, A.V. Gulyavina, V.A. Ilyukha, I.A. Vinogradova, A.V. Morozov, E.S. Bruler. Age-related changes in the behavior and phobic anxiety reactions in rats under exposure to light deprivation and luzindole110
Short communications125
I.V. Baishnikova, L.B. Uzenbaeva, V.A. Ilyukha, A.G. Kizhina, E.F. Pechorina, T.N. Ilyina. Blood leukocytes and morphometric parameters of lymphocytes at different doses of vitamins A and E in American minks (Neovison vison)125
N.M. Kaznina, Yu.V. Batova, A.F. Titov. The effect of zinc excess on the shoot apex and organogenesis rate in barley plants133
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