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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 6. Сер. Экспериментальная биология
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S.P. Rozkov, A.S. Goryunov. Phase properties of protein solutions and protein denaturation5
Original papers16
N.P. Chernobrovkina, I.V. Morozova, M.K. Ilyinova. The composition of total lipid fractions and fatty acids in buds of birch species during bud break16
E.I. Kaivarainen, N.N. Nemova. Na+/K+-ATPase activity in various organs of the sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus L.) under changes in environmental factors27
M.Yu. Krupnova, T.S. Ivanova, N.N. Nemova. The activity of lysosomal proteases in the organs of female threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus linnaeus) in the spawning period37
R.U. Vysotskaya, E.A. Buoy, D.L. Lajus. The activity of lysosomal enzymes in organs of threespine stickleback from different habitats in the gulf of Kandalaksha, White sea, during the spawning period44
D.A. Efremov, A.E. Veselov, M.A. Ruch’ev, M.A. Skorobogatov, L.K. Fyodorova, A.I. Madudin. Trials of “Shayba 400” incubation nests for chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) eggs in small tributaries to the Malka river (Sakhalin island)57
D.I. Petrukhina. Assessment of the possibility of an increase in the biomass and synthesis products of Spirulina & Arthrospira (Cyanophyta) after cryopreservation74
N.A. Shutskiy, L.L. Shagrov, S.L. Kashutin, A.S. Aksenov, S.I. Malyavskaya. Changes in the collagen content in the dermis of rats after local cold injuries85
A.V. Tolstikov, I.A. Chernov. Variability of biogeochemical processes in the White sea under different climatic conditions: the modeling approach92
T.N. Ilyina, I.V. Baishnikova, E.A. Khizhkin. The effect of constant darkness, melatonin and its antagonist luzindole on retinol and tocopherol in rats103
A.S. Kuznetsova, K.F. Tirronen, D.V. Panchenko, J. Schregel, E.A. Khizhkin. Evaluation of the efficiency of sampling and preserving methods for non-invasive samples when brown bear population-genetic studies are conducting113
Short communications123
A.G. Kizhina, S.N. Sergina, L.B. Uzenbaeva, V.A. Ilyukha, E.F. Pechorina, E.P. Antonova, A.E. Yakimova, D.V. Panchenko. Morphometric parameters of erythrocytes in several rodentia species123
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