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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 9. Сер. Лимнология. Океанология
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Hydrophysics. Hydrology5
I.S. Zverev, R.E. Zdorovennov, G.E. Zdorovennova, S.R. Bogdanov, S.Yu. Volkov, G.G. Gavrilenko, T.V. Efremova, N.I. Palshin, S.D. Golosov, A.Yu. Terzhevik. Modeling the thermo-hydrodynamics of a shallow boreal lake: 3D model verification5
N.I. Palshin, S.R. Bogdanov, T.V. Efremova, A.O. Kuzina. Estimates of thermal diffusivity in dimictic lakes18
N.N. Filatov, L.E. Nazarova, P.V. Druzhinin. Influence of climatic and anthropogenic factors on the White sea – catchment system30
Hydrochemistry and sediments51
V.S. Valiev, D.V. Ivanov, R.R. Shagidullin. A method for integrated assessment of sediment pollution51
T.A. Efremova, M.V. Zobkova. Concentration, distribution and ratio of the main organic matter components in Lake Onego water60
A.V. Sabylina, O.I. Ikko. Changes in the chemical composition of Lake Munozero (Karelia) water over the past 60 years76
M.V. Kolchenko, E.V. Stanislavskaya. Seasonal dynamics of epiphyton in two lakes of different type of the Northwest of Russia91
M.T. Syarki, Yu.Yu. Fomina. Zooplankton of Lake Onego in its central part and Bolshoe Onego bay in years with different temperature comditions104
Research methods116
Yu.S. Datsenko. Methods for assessment of internal nutrient load of water bodies (a review)116
D.V. Kondrik, E.E. Kazakov, D.V. Pozdnyakov, O.M. Johannessen. Satellite evidence for enhancement of the column mixing ratio of atmospheric CO2 over E. huxleyi blooms125
P.Yu. Litinsky. Onego Lake catchment ecosystem GIS as a tool for estimating components of the water and carbon balance136
V.V. Menshutkin, N.N. Filatov. Cognitive modeling of the fisheries effect on the standard of living in the White Sea area145
R.R. Shagidullin, D.V. Ivanov. 2nd International Conference "Lakes of Eurasia: Problems and Solutions" (Kazan, May 19–24, 2019)155
T. Regerand, L. Arvola, M. Leppäranta. International scientific and teaching collaboration: Winter Limnology Course at the Lammi Biological Station160
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