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Методы математического моделирования и информационные технологии. Труды ИПМИ КарНЦ РАН. Вып. 7
Ред. В.В. Мазалов, Ю.Л. Павлов, Ю.В. Заика и др..
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2006. 220 с.
Methods of mathematical modeling and information technologies. Proceedings of the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research. Volume 7. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2006. 220 p.

Sbor7_2006.pdf (5.4 Mb, total downloads: 462)

Articles in proceedings:

Abakumov Y.G., Banin M.V. On sets of convergences guaranteed by test type theorems13
Ivanov A.P., Ostov Yu.Ya. Duality and principle of expansion in the problem of dynamics of flight26
Popov V.V. Modelling of heat-mass transfer processes in hydride accumulator of hydrogen35
Popov V.V. Implementation and use of modelling problems of hydrogen interaction with solids in special software47
Stafeev S.V. On the parameter identifiability of a factor analysis model with correlated residuals and correlated factors63
Tararin V.M., Cheplyukova On the action of a random s-mapping of a finite Boolean lattice80
Falko A.A. A best-choice game with the possibility of an applicant refusing an offer and with redistribution of probabilities87
Khvorostyanskaya E.V. On emergence of the giant φ-primitive ideal of a random automorphism φ of a finite Boolen
Chernov I.A. Convergence of the lattice approximations of the solution to the boundary-value problem with nonlinear boundary condition and moving bound97
Borodina A.V., Morozov E.V. Accelerated estimation of the overflow probability on the basis of regenerative approach with application to M/M/1 queue125
Kiseleva N.S. On an "Internet" type random graph model136
Kukin V.D. A composite evolutionary algorithm for solving the weighted Steiner tree problem143
Lazutina A.A. On the problem of optimal control of three parallel stacks in bounded space154
Pechnikov A.A. The problem of rational allocation of links in a controlled and localized Internet-resource system176
Rodchenkova N.I. A differences scheme for modelling the TDS-spectrum of dehydriding of metals with heat absorption and a size reduction effect183
Rettieva A.N.,Rodionov A.V. The model of dynamic game of forest resources management problem is constructed199
Shcherbak M.P. Parallel computing in application to analysis of some problems in mechanics206
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