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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 2. Сер. Геология Докембрия
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A. I. Slabunov, V. K. Singh. Bundelkhand, Aravalli and Dharwar cratons Indian Shield: comparison of Archean crustal evolution and location in the Kenorland Supercontinent structure5
A. Soesoo, S. Nirgi, J. Plado. The evolution of the Estonian precambrian basement: geological, geophysical and geochronological constraints18
О.S. Sibelev. Spessartine-grossular garnets in metavolcanics from the Central Bundelkhand Greenstone complex of the Bundelkhand Craton, Indian Shield: parageneses, zoning, stringers, and inclusions34
D.S. Rybakov. Geoecology – unity of geological and geographical sciences55
N.I. Коndrashova, P.V. Меdvedev. Geochemical markers as a supporting tool for paleogeographic reconstructions in the Paleoproterozoic (case study of stromatolitic dolostones from the Onego paleobasin)66
Short communications84
Yu.E. Deines, V.V. Kovalevski, I.V. Kochneva, I.A. Moshnikov, V.S. Rozhkova. Physical and chemical properties of shungite rocks from different stratigraphic levels of the Zaonega formation84
A.Yu. Shishkov. Emerging prospects of mining waste utilization in the Karelian-Kola region90
A.I. Slabunov. International eclogite conference for the first time in Russia (Petrozavodsk, June 24–27, 2019)98
Dates and anniversaries103
M.A. Eliseev, V.V. Travin. Celebrating the 110th anniversary of Leonid Kharitonov (1910-1964)103
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