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Водные ресурсы Европейского Севера России: итоги и перспективы исследований: Материалы юбилейной конференции, посвященной 15-летию ИВПС
ред.кол.: Н.Н. Филатов, В.И. Кухарев, Т.И. Регеранд, В.Х. Лифшиц.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2006. 538 с.
Water resources of the European North of Russia: results and perspectives. / N.N. Filatov, V.I. Kukharev, T.I. Regerand, V.H. Lifshic. Proceedings of the Conference devoted to the 15th anniversary of the Northern Water Problems Institute. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2006. 538 p.
The papers included in this volume have been prepared by specialists from the leading scientific organizations and deal with challenges in the fulfillment of basic and applied tasks in assessing the status, changes, sustainable use, conservation and management of water resources in the North of European Russia. The most promising methods and
approaches used in oceanology and limnology are descibed. Data on the present-day status and forecasts of changes of the largest lakes of Northern Russia under climatic and anthropogenic impacts are provided. Information is presented about research into the processes of anthropogenic eutrophication and acidification of surface and ground waters, the White Sea, catchment areas. Problems of water resource management and resistance of aquatic systems to external impacts are considered.

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Articles in proceedings:

N.N. Filatov, V.I. Kukharev. Stages in the development of the Northern Water
Problems Institute (NWPI) of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science (NWPI KRC of RAS)
A.P. Lisitsyn. Oceanology and limnology - possibilities of well-grounded climate forecasting31
V.G. Bondur, N.I. Rybakova, S.A. Starchenkov. Monitoring antropogenic impacts on coastal zones using multispectral and hyperspectral satellite scanning data61
A.A. Korosov, D.V. Pozdnyakov, N.N. Filatov, A.A. Mazurov, E.A. Lupyan. Developing algorithms for the study of seasonal and spatial variability of water quality parameters in lake Ladoga using remote sensing data78
N.A. Yefremenko, P.A. Lozovik, S.V. Basova, A.L. Ipatov, N.A. Kukkonen, N.N. Martinova, A.V. Platonov, S.A. Poleniova, I.Ju. Potapova, I.S. Rodkina, E.A. Selivanova. Developing methods for chemical analysis of undisturbed and polluted waters92
V.A. Rumyantsev, V.G. Drabkova. Ecological diagnosis of the status of lake Ladoga110
L.A. Rukhovets, N.N. Filatov, A.Yu. Terzhevik et al. Lake Onego today and tomorrow: experience of mathematical modeling127
T.I. Moiseenko, N.A. Gashkina, A.N. Sharov, O.I. Vandysh, L.P. Kudryavtseva. Lake Imandra ecosystems succession under antropogenic impact, and regeneration tendencies154
N.N. Filatov, L.E. Nazarova, Yu.A. Salo, A.Yu. Terzhevik. Estimates of potential climate change and its effect on some hydrological parameters of lakes Ladoga and Onego178
N.A. Kashulin, V.A. Dauwalter, B.P.Ilyashuk, N.E. Ratkin, O.I. Vandysh. Contemporary approaches to assessing transformation processes in Northern freshwater ecosystems197
A.V. Litvinenko, N.N. Filatov. Water resources of Karelia: solutions for their inventory, monitoring and sustainable use218
L.F. Sotnikova. Assessment of discharge characteristics of rivers in the North of Eurorean Russia228
A.V. Litvinenko, N.N. Filatov, T.M. Timakova, P.A. Lozovik, I.A. Litvinova, V.A. Karpechko. Water resources of lake Onego and its watershed; problems in their utilization236
P.A. Lozovik, A.V. Ryzhakov, A.V. Sabylina et al. Investigations into the formation processes of the chemical composition of surface waters in Karelia249
N.M. Kalinkina, T.M. Timakova, T.P. Kulikova, T.A. Chekryzheva, A.V. Ryabinkin, M.T. Syarki, E.V. Tekanova, T.N. Polyakova. Hydroecological studies on water-bodies of Karelia273
G.S. Borodulina, M.A. Bogachev, G.L.Chesalina, E.A. Perskaja, I.S. Selisheva. Eco-geochemical characteristics of subsurface waters of Karelia294
N.M. Kalinkina, T.M. Timakova, P.A. Lozovik, A.V. Ryzhakov, T.P. Kulikova, A.V. Ryabinkin, T.A. Chekryzheva. Investigations of transformation of water ecosystems Kenozero National park (Archangelsk district)312
Yu.V. Karpechko, I.M. Nesterenko, N.L. Bondarik. Hydrological studies of human impact on catchments in the North of European Russia323
Matti Leppдranta, Caixin Wang, Keguan Wang, Kunio Shirasawa and Jari Uusikivi. Investigations of wintertime physical processes in boreal lakes342
N.I. Palshin, R.E. Zdorovennov, G.E. Zdorovennova, A.V. Mitrokhov, M.P. Petrov, A.Yu. Terzhevik. Hydrophysical aspects of the development of ecosystem process in freezing lakes359
T.V. Yefremova, N.I. Palshin, M.S. Potakhin. Role of zonal factors and lake morphometry in forming thermal stratification377
V.G. Pryazhinskaya. Economic mechanisms for water quality management in ecologically degraded water-bodies392
E.A. Primak, V.V. Dmitriev. Assessing the resistance of water-bodies in the European North to changes in the natural and antropogenic regime408
A.A. Lukin et al. Problems in legislative and normative regulation and management of water resources417
N.N. Filatov, A.Yu. Terzhevik, A.V. Litvinenko, P.V. Druzhinin, I.A. Neelov, O.P. Savchuk. The White sea and its watershed: approached as an integral ecological-social-economic system436
Yu. S. Dolotov, N. N. Filatov, R.E.Zdorovennov, A. V. Platonov, V. P. Shevchenko, N.A.Rimski-Korsakov, I. P. Kutcheva, N.V. Denisenko, N.N. Nemova. Multidisciplinary study of the estuaries and the coastal zone of the White sea Karelian coast463
M.P. Maksimova , V.A. Chugainova. Hydrochemical classification of the White sea estuaries474
A.V. Leonov, N.N. Filatov, R.E. Zdorovennov, G.E. Zdorovennova. Modelling the conditions for the transformation of nutrients and formation of the bioproductivity of the marine environment in the Chupa bay, White Sea501
V.P. Shevchenko, T.N. Rat’kova, P.M. Boyarinov , A.V. Mitrokhov, I.V. Sadovnikova, O.M. Sergeeva. Studies of the suspended material, microalgae and sedimentary material fluxes in the Chupa bay, White sea, at the end of the winter season520
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